YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

It was chilly on rainy on April 20th, but you wouldn’t have known it inside the Commissioners Cabin at Chestnut Ridge Park. That was just full of warmth and delicious food smells, laughs and conversation, and it couldn’t have felt more comfortable. I found Edward outside setting up some decorations and his unity candle ceremony. I was surprised the ceremony would take place outside since it was so chilly, but since it was right on a giant pond, it couldn’t have looked nicer. Although I had some major concerns about the unity candle that were warranted…more on that later.
Guests were helping out and I couldn’t stop taking pictures since everything looked so cute. Soon enough Lindsay arrived and hid out front in a car, waiting for the moment. She looked nervous, but also very lovely and ready for this moment. I headed outside with Edward and we stood there watching Lindsay make her way down, as standing guests parted way to give her space. It was simple and charming and bride and groom looked so happy. They took hands, they dropped hands, they smiled, they looked nervous, I teased them and made them laugh. After their vows were said, they went to light their unity candle, and well, the wind always wins. They couldn’t even get the lighter lit since it was so breezy! I joked that the audience just couldn’t see the bright light coming off the flame, but knew they would be able to light it inside and have the same joining moment. After that it was time to kiss as husband and wife and head inside to that cozy cabin! Congratulations Edward and Lindsay! I hope your day was just what you wanted and that there is nothing but happiness in your future!

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