YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

So many lousy, rainy days, and then one lovely spring day which happened to fall on April 13th, which just so happened to be Lauren and Jeffrey’s wedding! And they were so appreciative for it. Jeffrey was saying how happy he was to have been able to take photos outside, and that how wonderful everything had been going because they were so low-key. They weren’t concerned about rules or tradition, they were having the wedding they wanted to have. And you could feel that in their energy. It was all happy with no anxiety! I checked in with them to make sure they were feeling ok, and more importantly, that tomorrow when they left for their honeymoon they would be in a hotel room when Episode 1 of Game of Thrones aired, since that show led to their first conversation ever. Luckily, they had it all planned out so they would be snuggled on a bed eating take out at that time.
After guests filed into the Avanti Mansion library, Jeffrey and I headed to the alter to await Lauren’s entrance. She came from outside and looked absolutely beautiful as she did. As soon as she got to Jeffrey he grabbed and kissed her. I told you, they are following their own rules. It was adorable and even more so a minute later when he kissed her again! They are such a well matched and happy couple and I was excited to be there. We made it through rings and vows and after they smiling and laughing, it was time for the official kiss! Congratulations Jeffrey and Lauren! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and endless conversations and being as close to each other as possible.


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