YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

You found the person you love and want to marry.

The rest should be simple.

YellowBird Wedding charges $350 This not only includes the ceremony, but I’ll meet with you beforehand to hear your story so that your reading is personal to you, and not generic. Also, we can email and phone chat as much as needed so that you’re super comfortable.
Will I travel to you? I sure will! Who doesn’t like road trips? I charge the standard IRS mileage rate of $.62.5 per mile for anything over 20 miles.

I’ve had a lot of couples sneak away to get married so that it’s just the two of them…which is adorable! The only catch is you have to have a witness. Don’t fret, I can bring a witness with me! It’s a $25 charge that is paid directly to the witness for coming! They usually take pictures as well which is a bonus for you!

Now on to rehearsal dinners. I’ve done a lot of weddings, and have only gone to a few rehearsals. The thing is most of them can be done without the officiant present, and not attending is one of the reasons I can keep my costs low. If it is very important to you (I don’t want you to stress!) of course I will try to come, but it will increase the ceremony price by $25.

Also, I have a selection of vows that you can read beforehand and choose which ones suit your relationship best. We’re all different so I feel options are the best way for your wedding to be perfect. I will also send you your sermon after it has been written if you’d like. Although there will be some parts that you can’t see beforehand because in the moment, you’re going to want something that’s organic to that moment in time!

All in all, this ceremony is going to soar.

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