YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

My name is Michelle Snyder and I became an ordained minister in April of 2007.

I’m a supporter of all who love each other and want to be married.  Straight, gay, interracial, intercultural, everyone! All are entitled to their day of beauty.

This is how it all started: A couple of my friends in Buffalo, NY decided that they were ready to spend the rest of their lives together. They took the time to choose the date, the location, the dress, the flowers, the cake and a million other things. There was one thing that bothered them though. The most important part of the wedding, the officiant who would be sharing that moment with them, seemed out of their hands. They didn’t want to just pick someone who was looking to cash in on their day. We talked about this together and I tried to think of a solution with them. They beat me to it. They asked me to get ordained and officiate for them. They thought that since I was a theatre major I would be a great speaker in front of the crowd and since I was a librarian, I would have access to literature that could help capture how they felt about each other. That was all the convincing it took for me to become a minister! It was an honor, and it was the most beautiful day. Since then I have performed weddings for many different couples, some I’ve known and some I only met a short time before their wedding. I’ve been lucky enough to work in large halls, small bars, and even some family rooms. I meet with every couple first and get to know them so that it’s not just a generic ceremony…

It's yours. 
As it should be. 
Always, all ways

And now meet YellowBird Weddings other officiant, Karen!

My name is Karen Younus and I am absolutely thrilled to be working with my sister Michelle in the quest for helping all those out there to have their most beautiful of wedding days!

In my day to day life I work with those people that are most in need out in the community. I was more than excited when Michelle asked me if I could become ordained and work with her out there in the community but in a different way.  On the best of days…people’s wedding days where love and happiness is simply floating in the air.
I love working with people and for me this is another way for me to do that.  Since then I have officiated countless weddings and have loved each and every couple that I have met in their own beautiful and unique way. I am a lover of all things simple yet beautiful  and am very proud to be a part of YellowBird Wedding!”

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