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August 20th was another hot one, but there was a breeze to go along with your sunshine down at the Niawanda Park. Shauna looked radiant as she hid in the back of the pavilion watching guests arrive. People kept trying to sneak a peek, but were happy enough to congratulate Andrew after he showed up. I have to say he looked down right adorable, but I have a real soft spot for newsboy hats. I could tell they were both ready for the moment, so I began to usher people outside and around the alter. That was easier said than done! It was sunny outside and you couldn’t really catch any shade by the alter. The only shade was off to the side and that’s where everyone ended up gathering! I think once they realized they could see and hear the whole thing from the shade, there was no reason to be front and center. It was kind of a nice effect for Shauna and Andrew as well, because while they were technically surrounded by friends and family, if they looked straight out it seemed like an intimate affair with just them and their party. They didn’t seem to notice the heat as much as they smiled at each other and focused on not crying. There were boats breezing past in the background and it was a truly spectacular moment. After using a little early marriage teamwork getting those rings and very hot and swollen fingers, they raced into the first kiss as I pronounced them husband and wife. Congratulations Andrew and Shauna! I’m so happy to have been a part of your day (and your next day😉 ) and to have shared in such a lovely moment with such lovely people. Best wishes always!

I love marrying people I know. And on August 19th, at O’Brien’s Sleepy Hollow, I was able to marry someone I’ve know since I was a little girl. Hilary and I haven’t kept in touch over the years, but our dad’s are best buds, so when we were young we saw each other all the time, at baseball games, at house parties, at moments where our dad’s told awful jokes and stole our noses. So that creates a hell of a bond! So I was honored when she contacted me after all these years and asked me to officiate her wedding. It was a beautiful day, and I was happy to see Bill looking excited and nervous out in the sunshine. It was also nice to see my dad as a guest, hanging out with Hilary’s father. Especially since her dad was at my wedding just a week earlier. It felt like a real family event!
Hilary was hiding in the back and she definitely looked beautiful and ready to start the show! As guests took their seats, Bill and I made our way to the front to await Hilary’s arrival. Soon enough she was on her dad’s arm, making her way down the aisle as they both fought back tears. Bill is the kind of guy who wouldn’t necessarily want to cry at a wedding. And they both really kept it together…until the end that is! At one point I asked them to look into one another’s eyes, and Bill’s eyes started to get wet, which brought the tears down Hilary’s face. I love those moments! It was honest and beautiful and I’m so lucky to have had a front row seat. Congratulations William and Hilary! You’re perfect for each other and may your life be filled with more baseball and love than you can handle.

Rick & my dad!

Rick & my dad!

Hello lovers,
After marrying 241 couples, I thought I’d try it out myself! On Friday August 12th, this Little Dipper will be marrying her Big Dipper, so I’m taking a couple of chill days and won’t be able to get back to you until around August 18th. Feel free to email me at and let me know your plans, and I’ll be sure to get back to you once I’ve locked this down.
Much love!

How was the Avanti Mansion on June 31st? Absolutely perfect.  It was gorgeous out which seemed appropriate because Jenna was looking gorgeous, as she sat snuggled up next to her Daniel waiting for guests to arrive and for the big day to start. The couple seemed really relaxed. They were already joking with each other, and although there was the rumored threat of rain, it looked beautiful out and that seemed to be only a passing concern for them. Everyone arriving seemed very excited, and there was a lot of chatter as guests either found their friends, greeted parents of the couple, or checked out the beautiful surroundings, and the island the couple would be married on. Soon enough Daniel, his groomsmen and myself headed down to the ceremony spot so that Dan could watch Jenna walk down the long staircase on her journey to be his wife. She looked amazing when she did and Daniel was all smiles watching her approach. The couple was immediately focused on each other, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t hear a word I said because they were too busy joking and laughing with each other! Although they did seem to notice the thunder that kept sneaking up. I have to admit, I was a little afraid the sky was just going to open up, but it held off as the couples first wedding present! After having family members come up to do a joint reading, and their ring bearer have all the guests touch their rings to put their well wishes in them, it was time for Daniel to smash the glass and Mozel Tov themselves into husband and wife! Congratulations Daniel & Jenna! You’re an amazing couple and I think your love will keep all the rainy days at bay. Best wishes always!

Monday weddings are all the rage. Well, not really, but I love when they come up! On Monday July 25th, I had the honor of marrying Laura and Drew at the always amazing Botanical Gardens in Buffalo. Laura and Drew live in San Francisco, but wanted to come to Buffalo for an intimate wedding with just their closest friends and family. I’m going to be honest here…Laura and Drew only recently contacted me, and I had already decided that I wasn’t booking anymore weddings for the summer because I was full. But then I heard Laura speak, and her English accent was so adorable I couldn’t resist! And once Ayres Photography was on board, I knew it would be a lovely afternoon. So after a bit of a rain scare in the morning, the sun was out for Laura and Drew’s big moment. Drew showed up with some friends and was setting up seats and getting everything ready for when Laura arrived. Drew didn’t want to see her until the last possible moment, so he hid in the garden and when Laura got there, she sneaked up on him for their first look. I may have been hiding nearby so that I could be a part of this beautiful moment as well. I couldn’t help it! They made their way together into their gazebo, and said their vows while smiling at each other . It seemed even more beautiful because it was such an intimate moment. Simple really is beautiful, and all you need is each other to make a moment special. Congratulations Drew and Laura! I’m so happy that you found me and that I pretty much fell in love with the two of you. I’m honored to have been a part of such a special moment. Best wishes always.

July 23rd was awesome. At The Creekside, I was honored to be a part of a unique wedding with an awesome couple who brought what they loved into their wedding and made it their own. Although Lisa did tease that there was A LOT more Lawrence there than her. But when I saw how most things were purple, I figured it was pretty equal😉
The first thing you noticed was an awesome electric guitar that was there for guests to sign! I had never seen anything like that before and guests were loving it. I can imagine Lawrence jamming out on it later, with all the names of the people he loves most on it! Guests were excitedly chatting and waiting for the moment, a tad reluctant to head outside because of the blazing sun and heat, but when it was time, they happily complied, knowing that this moment between Lisa and Lawrence was worth it. As I headed outside with Lawrence, we knew it was time to start when the ring bear came out. No, I didn’t spell that wrong, the ring bearer was a ring bear! Lisa’s son came out in full bear costume to present Lawrence with the rings! It was hilarious and adorable and he managed to stay in character minus the heat and his heavy bear costume. After everyone stopped laughing it was time for Lisa to make her entrance. She looked amazing and Lawrence’s face lit up immediately. They held onto each other and smiled and it was lovely moment for everyone who was there. After a big kiss at the end, they happily held each other, knowing they were finally married. And it didn’t hurt when the walked inside that they were greeted by a giant ice sculpture of a bass fish! Lawrence really loves fishing! It was a fun and wonderful surprise and you could tell how much guests loved them to have figured out a way to sneak in an ice sculpture! Congratulations Lawrence and Lisa. You’re already so happy together, this marriage can only be the cherry on top. Much love always!


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