YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

On July 27th I found myself at the Mansion on Delaware for Laura and Ryan’s beautiful moment. They were outside taking pictures with family, guests happily watching on. When they finally had the chance, they sneaked inside to find some of their wedding party, and enjoy a quiet moment before all the hub-bub really started! They were joking around with each other and I knew they were excited for everything to start. And start it did…almost without the groom and officiant! As Ryan and his groomsmen lined up inside, we waited for the wedding planner to give us the go ahead. But soon Ryan realized the music was playing and the planner and started the ceremony…without the groom and officiant! We hurried ourselves outside and although it was stressful, we were able to laugh about it. Mostly because we made it! I’m not sure how Laura would have felt walking out to a missing groom! She did make her way out though, and that’s when Ryan really fell apart. His body wasn’t sure if it should laugh or cry or shake or all of the above (all of the above won). It’s always very moving for me to see couples hit with emotion during their ceremony. I know that they are really focused on what is happening and how huge it is and it’s a wonderful moment. They made it through their vows, which was difficult and I had to distract myself so that I didn’t get too emotional, and soon enough they were in each others arms, kissing as husband and wife. Congratulations Ryan and Laura! It was a perfect moment for a perfect couple and I wish you a lifetime of happiness! How could you not with Sophie there!

July 20th was a perfect summer day, and I mostly knew this because at the Avanti Mansion, Larry kept telling me it was a perfect summer day! He was so excited for how lovely a day it was for Britnie and himself, and his energy was contagious.
I checked in with the couple when I arrived, Britnie with her bridesmaids getting the final touches, Larry outside with his groomsmen, making sure people pick up their little container of bubbles for afterwards. When we did walk to the alter, I realized how much I liked talked to Larry. He’s so genuine and caring, and I could tell he was happy to see his friends and family and couldn’t wait for the ceremony to start. And when it started…oh boy! He saw Britnie and his whole face lit up. When the were finally standing side by side I realized, they weren’t going to hear a word of what I was saying, because they were in their own place. A place of love and happiness and nerves that goes by so quickly. They made it through their vows and sand ceremony, smiling and laughing and looking more ready than ever for that big kiss! Congratulations Larry and Britnie! It was a beautiful moment for two beautiful humans and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. Best wishes always!

On July 19th, I was lucky enough to have a second wedding at the Botanical Gardens! When I first arrived, I bumped into Jacob in the parking lot, who was just arriving. It was a small and intimate wedding, which gave him the freedom to walk around and talk to guests. Unfortunately just as we arrived it started raining, so everything had to be moved inside. Luckily, the inside of the Botanical Gardens is even more beautiful than the outside, so it worked out very well! Jacob seemed very excited for Anisha to arrive, and he busied himself talking to guests while I helped moved some chairs around. Soon enough, Anisha arrived, looking stunning, and they seemed so happy to see each other. Jacob and I headed to the alter, mildly sweating at this point since it can be a bit warm in the tropical plant room, and awaited Anisha’s grand entrance. They grabbed each others hands and the way that they looked at each other was so beautiful. You could feel how this moment meant the world to them. They had a sand ceremony to signify their unity, and after all their vows were said, which would make ANYONE tear up, they jumped over a broom to show that they were now Mr. & Mrs.! Congratulations Jacob and Anisha. I’m so happy that you found each other and can blend into one happy family. I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

On Friday July 19th, I got up nice and early to head to Darien Lake’s Campground fom Desiree and Bryan’s 10am wedding! No better way to start the day. It was supposed to be scorching hot out, but luckily it was overcast and breezy, so it was a perfect day to sit outside with friends and family, enjoying a marriage and of course, a good BBQ.
When I arrived, it was typical camper atmosphere. No one was dressed, the beers were open, and kids were playing tag! But Desiree can keep all things in order, so after the kids were ready, she told Bryan to get dressed and she got ready for the big moment as well. Bryan is shy. Like REALLY shy, so this moment wasn’t going to be easy for him. He’s the kind of guy who would rather wrestle a bear than show emotions in front of people, so I was really curious about how this was going to go. As I headed to the alter with Bryan and his best-man, he stood pretty far away. I told him he could come closer and he told me, eventually… Nervous part one. When Desiree started walking down the aisle, he turned away and faced me because tears were running down his face. I was a little worried for him, but Desiree got there and smiled at him and although he was still mildly tortured, he smiled back at her. They made it through their vows and rings, with emotion still sweeping over both of them. And by the time they were kissing at husband and wife, they were so happy to finally be married, and to possibly not have to stand in front of everyone anymore!
Congratulations Bryan and Desiree. You’re such a lovely family and I’m so happy that I got to share this moment with you. Much love!

What an amazing day. On July 6th I found myself in the gorgeous Lake George, specifically Burlap and Beams for Eileen and Eddie’s wedding day. I don’t often drive 5 hours for an event, but I can assure you, this one was worth it!
I was a little nervous at first because for the entire drive the rain would start and stop, and I knew that the couple would be stressing. When I finally arrived though, I found them hanging out together, perhaps a little worried about rain, but mostly just enjoying every moment together. I think they realized they wouldn’t have control over the weather and just told me to pretty much run if it pours and don’t worry about those unity candles! Luckily, that didn’t happen and it ended up being a perfect evening. The venue was stunning. Everywhere you looked it was rustic and comfortable and I could tell that guests were gushing as much as I was. I was excited to start and I watched Eddie first and then Eileen make their way up, as a musician strummed the guitar and sang. It felt perfect. And of course Eileen looked beautiful so that didn’t hurt anything!
They took hands and smiled and read such beautiful vows to each other. I was moved along with them, and even more so when they had their moms come up to light unity candles with them as they became one family. By the time they were kissing not only was there no rain, but they were now husband and wife!
Congratulations Eddie and Eileen. You were meant for each other and I’m so happy you had such a beautiful day. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it!

O’Brien’s Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorite wedding spots, so I was thrilled to be there on June 23rd, a gorgeous summer day, with two self-proclaimed Harry Potter loving nerds, just like myself! Adara and Matthew are an adorable couple and I was so happy to spend their wedding ceremony with them. The place looked amazing and everyone was so happy to be there. I checked in with Adara first, and let me tell you, she was literally glowing. She was so happy and excited and her energy was contagious! She made me feel completely jazzed to be there! When I found Matthew with his groomsmen, he was also excited, but had a little bit more nerves running through him. I knew that they were going to be adorable when they met at the alter, and I wasn’t disappointed.
Matthew and I headed out and watched the wedding party walk down. He was smiling at friends and family, but things turned serious when Adara made her debut. She looked beautiful and Matthew had glassy, love filled eyes. Adara had tears in her eyes when she saw him and they nervously took hands and smiled at each other as I happily made my way through the ceremony. It was truly a joy filled moment and after their vows and ring exchange, they were super ready for that first and best kiss. Congratulations Matthew and Adara! It really was a true pleasure meeting both of you and thank you for letting me share in your beautiful day. Best wishes!

June 22nd was very exciting because I was in a new venue I had never seen before, and I was with the uber adorable Christine and Justin, who just make you happy when you’re around them! At 500 Seneca St., I gawked at the super cool space and checked in with a very cute and excited couple. They were peeking out at their space that they hadn’t seen put together, and joking around with their wedding party. I could tell they weren’t as nervous as some couples, but really just ready to get going.
I made my way out with Justin and we were lucky enough to watch Christine make her beautiful entrance. Everyone in the audience seemed to be glowing along with her. They met each other and took hands, and stood side by side as their friends gave readings and they smiled at each other as they delivered their vows. It was such a perfect feeling moment it could have been a movie wedding. Not to mention after their huge kiss, they walked down the aisle to Sufjan Stevens, who is my favorite and it was such a beautiful moment! Congratulations Justin and Christine. You’re such a well-matched couple that I know you’ll have such a full and happy life ahead of you. Much love always!