YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

January 21st was what you’d call, a lucky winter day. It was chilly, but not the kind where your face hurts when you’re outside. So Sabrina and Jared were already ahead of the game when they got to the Rapid’s Theater in Niagara Falls to get ready for their big day. When I checked in with Sabrina, she had a dress over her head and bridesmaids all around here making things perfect, so I thought I’d go hang out with the guys for a bit and give her time! The Rapid’s Theater is a music venue, so behind the stage is a greenroom where the guys were, from the smell of it, enjoying some cold beverages. Jared definitely seemed nervous, but a very cute nervous. He just wasn’t sure what to expect from the day, and I love seeing grooms like that. I eventually saw Sabrina, and she looked amazing as she was now all ready to get hitched! I headed up to the stage with Jared and then the real fun started. All of a sudden the Game of Thrones music started bellowing and out came the groomsmen. I laughed thinking, now this is a couple that is very compatible. Then, as the bridesmaids started walking, the hobbits theme from Lord of the Rings started! Ok, not compatible, a perfect couple! And also, I love them even more now, because I know we are on the same nerd level.
As Sabrina made her way up the steps to the top of the stage, they both looked pretty nervous, but some jokes calmed them down and by the end, I could tell the nerves had past and they were just plain happy. Especially when it was time to kiss! Congratulations Jared and Sabrina. You two were made for each other and for a lifetime of playing board games together. Best wishes always!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Another wedding season is finished, and 2017 was as fulfilling as I hoped it would be. After 41 beautiful weddings for myself, and 28 for Karen, it couldn’t have gone any better! I wanted to wish everyone a happy and loving new year, and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!

December 29th was a cold one to be sure, but it was still Christmas inside the Brierwood Country Club, so you really didn’t mind it. As Jenna was getting ready upstairs, Christmas tunes played down below, while Chase as his groomsmen talked and laughed and awaited the big moment. With two fireplaces roaring, guests seems cozy and happy and excited for such a beautiful moment to take place. Although Chase looked a little nervous, he had already explained to me that he might have been anxious about everyone looking at him, but he was zero percent nervous about marrying Jenna. A couple that knew within 3 months they were destined for each other…so much so that within a year they had moved to foreign land together!
As Jenna made her way down the aisle, she looked radiant and Chase couldn’t take his eyes off her. They seemed a little nervous at first, standing a bit away from each other, looking in each others eyes, but then away so as to not cry. But by the time they said their handwritten vows and exchanged rings, they were holding hands and smiling and you could tell that it might be cold and blustery outside, but for them, everything felt perfect. Congratulations Chase and Jenna! You’re a magical couple and I’m so happy to have finished up my wedding season with the two of you. Much love in the new year and always.


I can’t believe I’m already at my second to last wedding of the year. I guess if this is how it’s gonna end, I couldn’t be happier than to spend my time at Karpeles Manuscript Museum with Lindsey and James. And of course, I can’t forget their Australian Shepherd/ring bearer, Dexter. November 10th was a cold November day, but it was warm and welcoming inside Karpeles. I was there before the couple so I was able to walk around and really take everything in, including the swelling strings of their quartet and of course, the SUPER excited-ness of Dexter. Soon after, Lindsey and her bridesmaids arrived, and she looked radiant, but was still completely in charge. She made sure everything was taken care of, and then entered into excited bride mode. Guest were slowly gathering and seemed really excited for the ceremony to start. After James arrived it was time for us to get this show on the road.
James started to look a little anxious as we waited at the alter, but he was all smiles when Lindsey finally came out. They just looked so happy to see each other. Between smiles and laughs, and the most beautiful reading that Lindsey’s Grandma wrote, it was time for their vows. Not only were they amazing, like truly amazing, but James mentioned that the first time he ever talked to Lindsey in school was to ask to borrow her notes. He then confessed he didn’t actually ever need her notes, and apologized for never giving them back. Until now. And then he pulled out her childhood notes that he had saved all those years!!! Seriously, I almost lost it then and Lindsey’s face of shock and love was one for the books. It was truly a beautiful moment that I’ll never forget. After their candle ceremony and big kiss, I was able to pronounce them husband and wife. And the crowd erupted! Congratulations James and Lindsey! You’ve been together a long time, so you already know you’re perfect together. I know you’ll have such a happy life ahead of you filled with love and of course, laughter. Much love always!


Now this is a couple that knows how to flip the script on weddings. Elena and Josh decided to get married on November 5th, at the Tonawanda Castle, at 10:00am and to serve breakfast afterwards. And I loved it! It’s hard to always come up with new ideas, but I’m pretty sure I heard red velvet waffles so…nailed it. I found Josh when I first arrived. He’s a man of few words so I couldn’t really tell if he was nervous or just excited, because he’s really good at keeping it all in. Elena though was all smiles and joy and I could tell that she was ready for the big moment. Josh did manage to peek in the room a few times, so I decided that meant he was was excited. Guests seemed very happy and alert for such an early time of day and it was obvious they were just as excited about a new and fun way to spend a lazy, rainy Sunday. Soon enough the music started and it was time to begin the ceremony. When Elena made her way to Josh, a small smile escaped his mysterious demeanor and I knew they were ready to go. Elena though, was all emotion. Big smiles and laughs and sometimes she would even say something to her guests! You can tell that they are a couple that balance each other out. You don’t have to marry someone who is just like you, just someone who brings out the best in you. Finally, after holding hands and looking deep into one another’s eyes, I was able to pronounce them husband and wife, and the kiss started off what I’m sure was an amazing after breakfast party. Congratulations Josh and Elena! I’m so happy that you found each other and that you found me as well. I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

I liked Laura and Greg from the second I met them. Easy going and full of love. And when their wedding day arrived on October 28th, cold and rainy, I knew that wouldn’t matter at all. Because these two people are going to be so happy no matter what, because it’s the day they are getting married! We could all learn a thing or two from them. The Freedom Run Winery is a really beautiful place, an old barn for the ceremony contrasts the beautiful wine-filled reception space. I checked in with the couple when I arrived. Of course Greg was still getting ready since guys can wait til the last minute, and Laura was upstairs with her daughter looking beautiful. And since their pet bird Alex was there, all was right with the world.
I waited in the barn for things to start, and soon enough a nervous looking Greg came in, eager for the moment to start. There was live music in the barn which sounded wonderful, and they started a new song when Laura eventually made her way in. They seemed so happy to see each other and clasped hands when they were side by side. That wonderful live music still sounded good, but fade out wasn’t in the cards, so the couple had a slight awkward moment as they had to stand looking at each other for a few minutes while the song finished up. It’s a lot when you know the whole room is staring at you! But finally it was time for their vows and smiles and a kiss that you could tell was long overdue. Congratulations Greg and Laura! Truly you are a remarkable couple and I’m so happy that you found each other. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and adventures with Alex the bird!