YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

June 9th was a perfect day to get married outside in a beautiful courtyard. And that’s exactly what happened at The Foundry for Megan and Kaleb. I first found Kaleb in the bar area, nervously waiting with guests. It’s always great to see couples again if I haven’t since we first met, so it was a nice reunion. He told me where to find Megan, and after seeing how beautiful she looked, I knew this was going to be a great day. Guests were gathering in the beautiful space, taking in the decor and decorations. I’ve seen so many weddings at this point, but nothing prepared me for what I was going to find at Megan and Kaleb’s. And that would be the cheesecake table. Oh lord! Not picking something off of there took all of my willpower. Afterwards Megan told me that while she was excited that all her friends and family would be in one place, nothing had her more excited than the cheesecake table! And let me tell you, I get it.
After pulling myself away from that, it was almost time to start the ceremony. I headed outside with Kaleb to await the bridal party, as they slowly made their way out. And then Megan appeared, looking stunning, and Kaleb’s whole demeanor changed. I could tell it was one of those moments where no one else existed anymore but her. They held hands and shared their vows. I felt that at the most intimate moments, Megan would look at me as a defense mechanism. Because once she started looking at Kaleb, the tears started as well. They shared in a wine ceremony where they poured from a bottle of white and a bottle of red, and shared in the new drink they created together. Then they were back at the alter, sharing a kiss and becoming husband and wife. Congratulations Kaleb and Megan! You’re such a lovely couple and I know there is nothing but happiness in your future. Best wishes always!

I found myself on June 2nd at Pearl Street, gearing up for Marcus and Evelyn’s wedding. It was a lovely day, and inside I found guests slowly coming together. What I didn’t find was the happy couple! After waiting around for a bit, I hunted them down in their hotel room, and Marcus told me there was a never a chance they were going to be on time. It’s good to know yourself! Evelyn was still getting ready and Marcus sure wasn’t about to rush that! The space looked lovely, with a perfect amount of sunshine streaming in, and I knew it would be worth waiting for. Marcus eventually came over with his son and friends and soon the bridesmaids arrived hiding Evelyn and her daughters. Everyone looked happy and eager to begin, so before long Marcus and Evelyn made their way to the alter to smile, laugh, cry, whisper, complain that one-person-wrote-vows-even-though-they-said-they-weren’t, light a candle, and eventually, kiss. It was a beautiful moment, especially the very moving vows. Marcus had written down some words, which made Evelyn scold him since she was just going off the top of her head. There were a couple false starts as Evelyn was crying to much to talk, but eventually they were able to say all they wanted to each other. After that, things flew by until that big kiss! Congratulations Marcus and Evelyn!!! You always knew you were perfect for each other, and now you get to spend the rest of your lives together with your new family. Best wishes always!

May 26th was a gorgeous day. It felt like summer had arrived and everything was blue skies and green life all over the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church for Taylor and Zac’s wedding! Taylor and Zac are an adorable couple, so I was not only excited to perform my second wedding of the day, but for such a perfect couple. When I first arrived at the church, I found Zac sitting all alone in a back office. His groomsmen were seating people, so there he was, alone with his thoughts. He definitely looked a little nervous, but that’s what happens when it’s just you and your brain! We chatted for a minute and then I went to find the lovely Taylor, hiding out downstairs with her party. And it was more like a party down there. Talking and laughing and hugging as everyone prepped for the big moment. I kinda felt bad for Zac, but soon enough his groomsmen joined him and it was time to tease him and wish him well. One the string quartet started, we made our way to the alter and waited for Taylor to make her entrance. And what an entrance it was! It’s a long walk to the front of the church so I got to really take in the beauty of her dress, and the expression of love on Zac’s face. I could tell when they were finally hand it hand how excited and nervous they were. After their vows and exchanging of rings, they had a Wine & Love letter box ceremony, where they added letters they had written to each other to be opened on their first anniversary. They also let their friends and family know that there was another box at the reception, where they could seal up their own words of love that the couple could read together a year from now. Truly an amazing idea. After that everything speeds by and before you know it, it’s time to kiss as husband and wife! Congratulations Zac and Taylor! You’re a beautiful couple and I was happy to share in your beautiful day. Much love!


May 26 at Lasalle park proved you don’t need a big wedding for it to be a completely lovely event. On a perfect spring morning, I met Ginny and Mike at the park as they got ready to marry one another in front of their close family and friends. I was extra excited about this wedding because Mike’s son, William had started calling me the Wedding Fishy instead of the wedding officiant, and I was all about it.
When I first saw the happy couple, they gave me a box of chocolates, so needless to say, they are on my good list. They were very calm and collected, and were just looking for the perfect spot near the water to share their vows. Once we started their were some early tears for Ginny, but as a bicyclist (aka dumb guy) used the bike bath we were standing on to ride past, about a foot from the couple, we were all laughs and everything seemed less serious and more natural. Their vows were very heart felt, Ginny having memorized what she wanted to say which is no small feat! They held hands and looked at each other with love, and every time I looked up, I could see their guests beaming at them. It was the epitome of simple is beautiful and I couldn’t have loved it more. Congratulations Mike and Ginny! I’m so happy that a love of trivia drove you together and I know you’ll be happier and fuller people from this moment on. Best wishes!

What a couple and what a day! May 19th was a truly beautiful day. It had rained a little in the morning, but by later in the afternoon, everything just looked glistening and healthy and perfect. Especially at Knox Farm State Park where everything is beautiful anyway. And it made perfect sense since two beautiful humans were getting married that day. I immediately felt a connection with Rachael and Todd when I first met them. They were just so well matched and funny and sweet that I was very much looking forward to this day. I arrived at Knox Farm to the stunning manor house and found Todd with his nerves turned up to 9. He was asking me some of the most adorable questions as his nerves took over such as, how will I know when to kiss her??? Don’t worry Todd, you’ll just know! Rachael was upstairs getting ready and she looked calm, cool, and stunning. I told her that Todd was nervous and she seemed to love that. As we all gathered in the lovely little room where the ceremony would take place (albeit quite hot), the large wedding party joined Todd as we all waited for Rachael to make her entrance. There was an audible intake of breath and when she reached her groom, we were able to start the ceremony. They looked so happy looking at each other, and often at me where I could smile back my excitement of being there. They had a couple readings (eventually after one of the readers realized she was supposed to bring it) and made it through their vows and ring exchange to land at the big moment. When that kiss came, Todd didn’t hesitate at all. He knew it was the exact moment to kiss his new bride! Congratulations Todd and Rachael! I’m so happy that I got to be a part of this day since the two of your are a real treasure. Also thank you Rachael for the cutest compliment I’ve ever gotten. Afterwards you said you were so hot and nervous that your heart was pounding, but you found calm by looking at my green eyes. Can you see now why I love them? Best wishes always!


As I’ve said, WAY too many times this year, it’s been a rough spring. Chilly and rainy, but nothing takes the sting out of that like a beautiful wedding, and that’s just what I got on April 28th with Alicia & Patrick at Karpeles Manuscript Museum. When I first arrived, guests were milling about, and I could see the groomsmen all hanging together, but it took me awhile to find Patrick. He was way in the back hiding out, and I felt kinda bad that they stuck him back there all by himself for so long. That’s just too much time alone with your thoughts right before this big moment. Too much opportunity to get nervous. I know that Patrick was so happy for this moment, so when I found him he seemed to be handling things pretty well. But then again, he hadn’t seen Alicia yet…
Guests took their time finding their seats. I love the manuscript museum because it’s beautiful and has such amazing sound, but I’m always a little sad doing ceremonies where the reception isn’t because I don’t get to see any of the amazing decorations or the cake. I think the cake is one of my favorite parts! But I made do until Alicia arrived, looking stunning and excited as she gathered with her bridesmaids in the great lobby. I made my way down to the front and picked up Patrick who at this point, was all emotion. I mean all of it. I think the moment his toes hit that alter, tears were welling up in his eyes. Then as parents walked down and their little baby son, there were some tears streaming down. But the moment he saw Alicia, we’re talking fully crying. I’m only human so it’s hard for me to watch and not get emotional! It’s just so beautiful!
Alicia made her way down and they were finally together, only distracted by their adorable son running around after grandma lost control. He was cute and I think helped them come back to the moment and be fully present. They said their vows and exchanged rings and looked so happy to wrap each other up in their arms for their first big kiss. Congratulations Patrick and Alicia! It was a beautiful moment for two beautiful humans and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. Much love always!

April 21st was an amazing day. Not only was it sunny outside, but inside the Niawanda Park Pavilion, there was a serious party going on. I can honestly say that this was my first pre-wedding ceremony that was playing the loudest, club-like music I’ve ever heard. Now THAT, is how you start a party! And it fit the style of Frances and Adam, who were super excited to start their married life together. The space also looked completely unique, and from this day on I recognize that all couples deserve a throne to sit on after they are married! 😉
After watching guests laugh and catch up, I found Adam who seemed a little nervous about everything. He had the kids there with him and Frances was running a little bit late…not unusual for a bride, but I could see Adam checking the door and answering all last minute questions people had. Finally the moment arrived and there was Frances, already looking beautiful even though she wasn’t in her dress yet. Her friends and family gathered around her to hug her and help her get into her gown. Soon enough, everyone was lining up, including the cutest ring bearer and flower girl you ever did see. As Frances made her way out to Adam, she looked shy and nervous, and he just looked so happy to be standing there with her. They shared their very beautiful vows with each other, and there was even some joyful calls from the audience who couldn’t contain their happiness. Finally, it was time for the kiss which happened swiftly and deeply. And I was lucky enough to see my first dance because they immediately went into that, which was incredibly touching and beautiful. Congratulations Adam and Frances! You’re such a wonderful couple and family and I know there will be nothing but happiness in your future!