YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

My first wedding of 2023 was on January 28th, and I was lucky enough to spend it at the Avanti Mansion with Melissa and William! They are such a sweet, quiet couple, and I was excited to see how they would react to each other on their big day. I found them both so joyful that the moment was here, seeing each other and then darting back to their separate spaces with their party. I checked in with family, made sure the correct people knew how the lighter worked for the candle ceremony (I’ve see mishaps…) and then headed up to the front to watch them walk in! Melissa came down from a grand staircase and then the two were face to face in front of everyone. I could feel some nerves, but as I began to speak and describe their love, I saw them loosen up and eventually laugh, and after their vows, they were holding hands and back to themselves, just a couple people in love, lucky enough to be getting married. Congratulations William and Melissa! There is no doubt the two of you were made for each other and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Thank you so much to all of our couples who have left us the most generous and beautiful reviews over the years. This means the world to us and we don’t take any of it for granted. Looking forward to another love filled year!

I really can’t believe it. To end my season with my 500th wedding! I never could have guessed back in 2008 when I married some friends of mine, that I would end up doing this most weekends for years and years! But here we are and I’m honored to have shared in some of the most beautiful moments of peoples’ lives!

And thank you to Karen and Megan, who are the best co-officiants out there. All together, YellowBird Wedding has married 768 couples! You’ve bestowed me with the most delightful reviews that keep me going, and I’m excited to see what the next year will bring. As always, all my love.

December 3rd was a very special day at Reikart House. Not only was it Megan and Branden’s wedding day, but it was my 500th wedding! I was so happy to share such a big day with them. At the rehearsal the day before, Megan was feeling kinda anxious. A lot was happening and it’s normal to be stressed, so it’s good she had her human destresser, Branden there. He always helps her feel calm and grounded. And by the day of the wedding, she was cool as a cucumber and they just looked so happy to be together. They would have eloped if they didn’t like hanging with their friends and family so much, because all they really wanted was to be married. And so we got to it!
I stood at the altar with Branden who was all smiles as Megan made her grand entrance in her gorgeous dress that made her look like a Disney princess! They were immediately holding hands and it was one of my favorite weddings because they listened, smiled, laughed, and were very present in the moment. I felt like they took in every word and thought about how it related to their relationship. Truly, by the time I was telling Branden to kiss the bride, I was feeling as emotional as some of the guests!
Congratulations Branden and Megan! You’re a perfect couple and I’m so glad I got to share my momentous moment with you. Best wishes always and thanks for the celebratory cake!

Buffalo and the surrounding area was hit by a giant snowstorm on November 25th that kept raging for a few days while people stayed buried in their houses. But multiple feet of snow was not gonna stop Jasmine and Ethan from getting married, outdoors, in the Japanese Garden. Now that is dedication to love! It was a very intimate affair. Just the two of them, bundled in their coats and hats, with a couple photographers and one friend to witness. Hilarious side note, when the witness arrived we realized I had married her 8 years earlier! Small world!
While it was chilly outside, it was gorgeous, with fresh snow blanketing everything, and Jasmine and Ethan held hands as they read their personalized vows, squeezed some tight rings onto cold hands, and kissed as husband and wife. Congratulations Ethan and Jasmine! It was such a pleasure to get to know you and share in your day. I hope for no distance between the two of you for all your days!

No one could have predicted how absolutely beautiful November 5th would be at the Ellicottville Brewing Company for Katy and Tyler’s wedding, but it was and I was thankful! They are so adorable and deserved a perfect day. Being inside the brewery is always amazing, with the giant silos full of hops and barley (or so says I without actually looking up what’s in them) and it’s a really cool environment to be in. The couple was hanging out with their wedding party being completely cool and relaxed and ready for their big moment. Everyone was already having a great time and that energy continued all the up to the altar. They held hands and smiled at each other and I could tell at times were in their own little world. I was so happy when I finally got to announce them as husband and wife and watch them kiss a bunch of times in pure joy! Congratulations Tyler and Katy! I’m honored I got to share the moment with you and that it was clear from the moment I met you how right you are together. Much love!

October 9th was a stunning day for a stunning couple. At Hayloft in the Grove, I found Natalie and Tyler eagerly awaiting their wedding moment. Tyler was possibly in the more nervous camp. I got the vibe that being in front of all of these people maybe wasn’t his thing, but once I found excited Natalie looking so beautiful, I knew that he was going to completely forget the other people once he stood across from her. And that’s what happened! As a couple who met when they were kids and ended up here, you couldn’t have found a more excited crowd. It seemed that not just the couple, but everyone had been waiting for this moment. And soon enough it was happening. They shared in a traditional handfasting ceremony where they bound their hands together as another sign of their unity. After that, they were kissing as husband and wife as the barn erupted in applause. Congratulations Tyler and Natalie! I was so happy to share this moment with you and a wish you a lifetime of happiness.

October 8th was being a very cheeky fall day. While it could not have looked any more beautiful at Knox Farm State Park for Alex and Eric’s wedding…it could have been warmer. Outdoor weddings are always so beautiful and my heart breaks a bit when it’s chilly out. It was still a wonderful day, but I had mad respect for Alex in her dress!
When I arrived I found the couple happily spending time together, seeming very calm for this big moment. Probably because they had the best wedding planner Petite SoirĂ©e working for them! Guests were happily gathering together and waiting for the event to finally start. We made our way outside and my low key officiant fears were kicking in that my ceremony would blow away (don’t get me started on my stress dreams), but the wind worked in our favor for the most part. The thing about wonderful couples is, once they stand at that alter together and you can see the love between them, you don’t notice things like the cold anymore. You just notice them and this moment and how lucky you are to share in it!
After their vows everything moved so quickly and soon enough I was pronouncing them husband and wife! Congratulations Eric and Alex! I can see such a wonderful future ahead for the two of you and a lifetime of happiness. All my love!

October 1st was a whirlwind of a day with TWO weddings! First I found myself at the Botanical Gardens for Stacey and Kevin’s wedding. They are such a sweet couple that you somehow feel better after spending time with. Things felt calm and ready to get going at the Gardens which, as always, looked beautiful with flowers filling the room that their guests gathered in. You could really feel the love between them as they shared their vows and kissed so happily as husband and wife!

It was similar with Jess and Justin. Another couple simply made for each other, there was a bit more joking around here (especially with the groomsmen), and they too seemed ready to go! Maybe a little peeking of nervies from Jess, but that’s what I like to see! I get to see such a rainbow of emotions on wedding days and I get a kick out of all of them. Jess and Justin had a gorgeous outside spot at The Lockstone, and the beauty matched their personalities. Soon enough they too were kissing as husband and wife!

Congratulations Kevin & Stacey and Justin & Jess! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a lovely fall day and I’m honored I got to spend it with all of you! Much love always!

September 18th was amazing. Not only was it gorgeous out, but I was at the gorgeous Botanical Gardens marrying the GORGEOUS Noelle & P.J.! And with my favorite SMW Photography! Noelle and P.J. are such an amazing couple and I felt so lucky to be there with them. I first found Noelle hiding out with her bridesmaids, looking like she just walked off of the cover of a bridal magazine, completely ready and excited for this moment. I then found P.J., looking incredibly handsome, even with his slightly nervous pacing. I could tell they both were very ready for this moment to happen. I stood in the sunshine with P.J. as we watched Noelle make her debut and walk towards him, and he was so overcome with love, the tears welled up in his eyes and fell down his cheeks. It was a really beautiful showing of love and what I adore most about performing weddings. Once they were together they looked so happy and right, and through their friends reading, and their vows, and of course their first kiss, everything was perfect and as it should be. Congratulations P.J. and Noelle! It was such a pleasure to meet you and share in such a stunning moment. I wish you the happiest lives together.