YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

April 30th was full of cherry blossoms and a light breeze and most importantly, Nikita and Larice’s wedding at the Embassy Suites! When I arrived, Nikita was nervously waiting for guests (and her bride) to arrive. She looked beautiful, but I could tell wouldn’t feel completely comfortable until Larice was there holding her hands. When Larice did arrive, she seemed just as nervous and I was so excited to begin the ceremony and see their reactions as they stood side by side. Well, the tears came immediately and their love was a palpable thing. They held hands and smiled and couldn’t wait to kiss as forever partners! Congratulations Larice and Nikki! It was an honor to be a part of your day and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

April 24th was a magical day for Natalie and Dave. At the beautiful Curtiss Hotel, up on the roof, they said their “I do’s.” They’ve already become a little family with their two children, but this was just one more way for them to tell each other how happy they are that they found one another. It was a beautiful space, very intimate and low-key, and honestly felt perfect. They both seemed so genuinely happy that I knew nothing could go wrong for them. They held hands, smiled, and soon enough, were husband and wife. Congratulations Dave and Natalie! You’re so perfect together and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it. Best wishes always and thanks for my amazing glass full of sponge candy. That gets you to the top of my list 🙂

April 10th was a beautiful day at Gregor’s Garden Grove, all set for Bliss and Todd’s wedding! I knew this was going to be a lovely event when Todd called me a few days prior, just to talk about all the steps he was taking to make sure everything was perfect. He wouldn’t leave anything up to chance when it came to giving Bliss a perfect day. When I arrived they were still getting ready, and it had a very low-key vibe which I adore. Guests were slowly coming in, excited to be a part of the moment. As I waited at the alter for Bliss and Todd to escort each other, I burst out laughing when they did to the Darth Vader Theme song! They know what they are about and the guests loved it. You could tell they were moved standing across from one another vowing to always love on, and I was happy to have been a part of their moment. Congratulations Todd and Bliss. You’re so well matched and I know you’ll have a happy life ahead of you!

I woke up on April 2nd, the day after my second Covid-19 vaccine shot, and thought I was going to die. Not only was I sick, but I had Kristin and Kristopher’s wedding that evening. I think by shear will of force (and more than the recommended amount of Tylenol Cold & Flu), I pulled it together and made it to Wurlitzer Events for their big day. And honestly, once I saw Kristin and Kristopher, faces full of smiles, their energy made me feel better and I realized I would actually rather be here than on my couch!
Kristin looked beautiful when I saw her, and Kristopher very dapper in his Navy blues. It was a smaller wedding, but in an enormous space which made all the little flower girls and ring bearer super happy as they ran the room dozens of times. After all the guests gathered we were ready to start.
It’s very apparent that Kristin and Kristopher were made for each other, and after hearing their touching and hilarious vows, you’d have no doubt. You could feel their love and excitement and I felt very lucky to be there. Congratulations Kristopher and Kristin! Nothing could have kept me from sharing in this beautiful moment with you, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

January 29th was Shelonda and Briana’s magical day at the Botanical Gardens. A couple that has been together for so many years, that when meeting them it was hard to ever imagine them apart. Since they loved the idea of an intimate wedding, no pandemic was going to stop them from telling each other how much these years have meant to them, and how much they are looking forward to the rest of their lives.
When I first arrived, I found Briana taking care of business and slowly getting more nervous. She kept checking with me to make sure I knew what I was doing 😂 She wanted to make sure I would ask everyone to stand when Shelonda made her appearance and I assured her that is something I always do. Since the intro song was long, I would as soon as I saw her appear. The SECOND the song started Briana turned to her guests and told them to all stand! It was so funny that I laughed alongside guests. She was leaving NOTHING to chance and wanted to make sure Shelonda had a perfect moment. And perfect it was. They looked at each other with such love, and their vows were unbelievably moving. They participated in a sand ceremony, aware of the fact that once the sand was combined together, it could never be separated again. This is what they were here for. Congratulations Briana and Shelonda! You’re a beautiful couple and I’m so happy to have shared in this moment.

January 9th was cold at Letchworth State Park, but I wouldn’t have been anywhere else. Jessica and Jesse had planned their small, intimate wedding with just a handful of guests, standing in front of an ice covered waterfall, and it was as spectacular as you could imagine. They knew that their wedding was about them telling each other how they felt, what their love meant, and why they wanted to be married anywhere, anytime, including winter in Western New York! While they looked chilly, they smiled and laughed and their joy could melt anything. When they finally kissed as husband and wife, all you could feel was their love. Congratulations Jesse and Jessica. You’re a perfect match and I’m overjoyed that I got to meet you and share in this moment. And of course that I get to follow your cat on Instagram 😉

This was one of my favorite weddings. On December 19th I joined Maleeha and James at the Botanical Gardens for their very intimate wedding. Just 8 guests and them. Really, it’s all you need. They are a perfect couple. Very in love, but also very chill when it came to their big day. That way, so long as they ended up married at the end, they couldn’t be disappointed! I felt their love during the entire ceremony, and kept getting distracted by how beautiful Maleeha’s dress was! Their vows were so meaningful, and when Maleeha pulled out her 2 pages of handwritten vows, I knew I had to steady myself. I get emotional too! But we all made it through and I was overjoyed to have spent my last wedding of 2020 with them. Congratulations James and Maleeha. The moment suited the two of you perfectly and I hope your years can only go up from this point forward. Much love!

November 7th was a stunning day. And the drive to Ellicottville for Erinn and Jake’s wedding was unbeliavable! They were nested on a quite road in a gorgeous Airbnb for their intimate wedding with just family, and a video camera for all of those they love watching from home! It was really lovely to see them both, Erinn excited and full of energy, Jake looking a little nervous, but excited as well. Their family was so happy and that was made very clear during the three reading they gave during the ceremony that were all full of tears. It was honestly hard for me to not tear up! There was just so much love and emotion in the room, I was really moved to be there. After the happy couple holding hands, much laughing, and a unity candle combining their families, it was time to kiss as husband and wife. Congratulations Jake and Erinn! It was such a special moment and I’m so glad I spent it with you. Much love for a happy future!

Halloween was a gorgeous day. And very lucky for Baily and Brandon because there is no guarantee that October 31st will be a nice day, but it sure was at the Roycroft Chapel, part of the Roycroft Inn. I found the happy couple hiding out in the back with their wedding party, looking very excited and a tad nervous. Things were moving quickly, and as the guests filled inside, I made my way to the alter with Brandon and his many groomsmen. These two have a lot of friends! We watched Bailey make her way down the aisle and Brandon had such a look of love, nerves, excitement, more nerves, all on his face! They took hands and while they laughed a lot together, it was a romantic and intimate moment that you could tell was affecting them in real time. They tied a Fisherman’s Knot to symbolize the strength of their relationship, and after that, they were kissing for the first time as married humans! Congratulations Brandon and Bailey! You’re truly a beautiful couple and I wish you nothing but the best!

Luckily, I had another amazing couple I got to share a wonderful moment with on October 24th! This time at Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum. I was so happy to get to know Mary and Alex since they are adorable and perfect for each other. When I arrived, I talked to Alex and saw how excited/nervous he was, and then when I saw Mary, I was blow away by how beautiful she looked. When she made her way down the aisle, Alex couldn’t stop staring at her. It was so cute! They held hands and laughed a bit throughout, and then saved the day at one point when Mary remembered they were having a reading I didn’t know about. Smooth and good under pressure. And let me tell you, those are some good marriage qualities! It all worked out perfectly and soon the strings were swelling from the quartet as Mary and Alex kissed and the crowed cheered. Congratulations Alex and Mary! I’m so lucky to have been a part of your day and I send you much love for your long and happy future together!