YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Happy, happy August 12th! I gushed in my last post about how it was my one year wedding anniversary, but more amazing is that it was Amanda and Daniel’s wedding day. And of course, that they were having their wedding exactly where I did! So they kindly let me bring my husband along to The Red House where we celebrated our similar minds! It was a beautiful day and everything looked amazing in the old barn. I found Daniel who was very excited and was lucky enough to meet parents who were just as stunned that their soon to be married children had found me on this exact date. I really felt like I was friends with the whole family! When I found Amanda I was almost speechless because of how beautiful her dress was. Definitely one of my all time favorites. She was just as excited to get the show on the road. They are an amazing couple and I was honored to be a part of their day. Plus, they let me lurk around and check out the things they did differently 😉
Soon enough, I was standing under some gorgeous trees and Daniel and Amanda made their way out. They looked so happy to see each other and I realized that this was the first time that day. A lot of people do first looks, so I forget that for some couples this is the big moment. And it was beautiful. They had their favorite people give meaningful readings, and their vows were very special. One of my favorite moments was Dan asking me to hold the microphone for him because his hands were shaking so badly. I’m really lucky to catch all of these moments that not all guests get to hear. Finally they took hands and I wished them well from me and all their guests, and they embraced and locked lips in the most fantastic of all kisses! Congratulations Daniel and Amanda! I’m so glad you let me celebrate my anniversary along with your wedding day. We couldn’t have been happier and the two of you couldn’t have been more magical. Here’s to many more years together, and maybe a duel celebration again in our future. Best wishes always.

I left my house on August 5th to gray skies and rain clouds. This made me pretty nervous. But as I drove to White Birch Gold Course in Lyndonville, the sun came out and it ended up being one of the most beautiful summer days! Lucky for Jessie and Bruce, since they were preparing to tie the knot outdoors under that sun! I found Bruce with his groomsmen getting the final touches put on, and he seemed very excited with a touch of nerves. I had loved Jessie & Bruce when I first skyped with them, so I was almost as excited for the moment! I found Jessie hiding out with her bridesmaids, and she seemed nervous…but like all ladies, with a lot of logistical stuff. Even if it’s your day and you have lot of people helping out, you’re still going to worry about how things are unfolding outside of your hiding spot. But since everything was wonderful, there was no need to worry. There was live music and guests were grabbing their seats, eager for the ceremony to begin. Finally Jessie made her stunning debut, and after the couple took hands, we were ready to start. And let me tell you, it was endless smiles, endless hand squeezing, and endless laughter. Even if I was yelling in their faces due to an microphone issue! After their vows and rings they together sealed their wine box, adding letters they would read a year from then, albeit in a more relaxed environment. And then the moment Bruce was waiting for, and I could tell by the way he grabbed his wife, the kiss that joined them together! Congratulations Bruce and Jessica! I’m so happy you found me and that I was able to share in your beautiful day. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and laughter and everything else good in the world.

With the year halfway over, I’m enjoying every wedding to the fullest, and that was true on July 30th at the Tonawanda Castle. I found Kim and Nick in their respective hideouts, waiting for the big moment to approach. Nick was definitely nervous, but it was very charming. His excitement couldn’t be hid behind it. And Kim was just ready! She seemed happy and eager and couldn’t wait for the moment. I watched guests arrive and make their way to the lovely second floor space, and try to peek in the room to catch a glimpse of the couple. But they were ushered inside so that the couple could line up and prepare to get married!
I made my way to the front and the groomsmen walked out, followed by the bridesmaids, who were already looking teary. Then the big moment arrived, and Kim stepped out. She looked amazing and I thought Nick was gonna lose it at that point. But they kept it together, even with me telling them not to worry so much and stand closer to each other! They combined themselves with their sand ceremony and seemed more at ease once they knew the kiss was coming up. I was so happy to finally announce them husband and wife, and I could see parents and grandparents crying. Congratulations Nick and Kim! It was such a perfect moment for such a perfect couple. Much love!

July 23rd was perfection. It was absolutely gorgeous outside, including the amazing space at Kloc’s Grove. I’ve done many weddings here, but each time I’m blown away by what a perfect space it is. And it looked wonderful all set up for the beautiful wedding of DeShea and Sam. This wedding traveled thousands of miles to take place, which makes sense considering they met in in Australia, didn’t have their first date for over a year, and when they did it was in Hong Kong! The world is their oyster and the little globes placed throughout the venue drove that home. Plus, I was lucky enough to hear New Zealand accent’s the whole time from Sam’s family, which is a big win. The couple didn’t seem nervous, but instead very excited and eager to start the ceremony. They were completely confident in what they were doing, and this just felt like another wonderful day together. Finally, guests gathered around the alter, and I made my way out with Sam, who was perhaps getting a touch of nerves. He was beaming at DeShea when she finally made her way out and walked down to greet her soon to be husband. They look perfect together and it was an easy ceremony, talking about how much they love each other and all that’s they’ve been though in their ceremony. Not to mention dozens of 14 hour flights. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is. Their kiss made the crowd erupt, and the smiles on their faces proved what I had always thought. This was a meant to be moment. Congratulations Sam & DeShea! You each found your needle in a haystack and you knew that was too important to ever let go. I wish you so much happiness and a lifetime filled with adventure.

July 22nd was an amazing day. It was warm, but not sun-beat-you-down hot, and the rain that was predicted hadn’t come. So it was all smiles at The Avanti Mansion, as Brittany and Jessica prepared for their first look. So many beautiful things happen at every wedding, but there is something extra lovely about two wedding dresses! Both captured the personalities of their wearer and made this long hoped for moment a reality.
I watched guests enjoy their champagne as they slowly made their way to their seats, constantly looking back to see if they could catch a glimpse of the brides. Everyone was ready to get this party started! Jessica was walked down the aisle first with her dad, and after she made her way to the front, she got to watch Brittany be escorted down to her. It was really beautiful and they were immediately smiling, laughing, and congratulating each other on making it down the very long stone staircase. There was also laughter as one of Jessica’s bridesmaid’s immediately burst into tears. They held hands throughout and had so many small laugh breaks that I felt like I was hanging out with old friends. After their vows and wine ceremony, they were in each others arms for the first kiss of many as life partners and wives. Congratulations Jessica & Brittany! You were always meant to find each other and I’m so happy that I got to be a part of this new chapter in your life. All my love!

It’s hard to go wrong with booking your wedding at the Botanical Gardens. And on July 16th, it was a beautiful Sunday evening to take in the nature around you. Amanda and Peter looked excited and lovely as they hid out in the greenhouses waiting for guests to arrive. Everything was in bloom and beautiful and nothing could damper their spirits. Not even Peter’s suit button popping off 5 minutes before start time. But the Gardens have experienced planners, so moments later the sewing kit was produced and disaster was avoided. Granted, Amanda didn’t seem to mind much. She just smiled at Peter as they took it all in stride. I think they knew the important part wasn’t their outfits. It was that they were getting married! It was finally time and they stood together under the gazebo, gazing out at greats and looking a little shocked at this big moment. They managed to get through their vows and make it to the big kiss at the end, which doesn’t seem difficult, but wait until it’s your day! The audience erupted and it was time to Sunday party! Congratulations Peter and Amanda. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to marry two people in the same family and I can’t help but hope that maybe they’ll be someone else one day! I’m so happy for the two of you and I wish you everything lovely in your life together!