YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

So February 29th was being very February. But that wasn’t going to stop Ashley and Nelson from having their outdoor winter wonderland wedding! And that’s exactly what they got! We all met up at Hoyt Lake, which was frozen and covered with a light layer of snow. First, Nelson arrived and was dusting off snow covered benches and laying down a rug for him and Ashley to stand on. I thought he was super tough because he was only wearing his suit and I was bundled up with my coat, scarf, hat, gloves, and would have carried my own heater around if I could have. I didn’t really know tough until Mom’s and Grandma’s showed up in little slip on shoes, and eventually Ashley did in her BACKLESS gown. These are serious Buffalo/Canada people! And obviously, love keeps you warm. And I knew Wendy Mitchell Photography would be able to capture that love as well.
We got started as soon as we could, and honestly it was such a moving moment, with the couple reaching out to one another and Nelson’s daughters crying as Ashley vowed to love them, that you stopped noticing the cold and only noticed the moment. And soon enough they were kissing as husband and wife and everyone seemed to forget the snow and reflect on how beautiful everything about this was. Congratulations Nelson and Ashley! It was a magical moment and I’m so glad I got to share it with you. Much love always!

I’ve met Mike a few times over the years, since he’s a wedding photographer and you can’t help but bump into each other. So I was very honored that after seeing so many weddings, he asked me to marry him and his love! So on January 25th, I found myself at Rick’s on Main for an intimate wedding for a select group of friends and family, and lots of kids!
Mike and Tara seemed very comfortable and so content to be in this moment. The room was full of laughter and since they wanted something small and less formal, I could tell this was perfect for them. After the server filled the room with Shirley Temples (lots of kids), it was time to begin. Even though they were mostly relaxed, I LOVE when this moment begins, because that’s when things start to change. Mike suddenly looked a little more shocked, and Tara looked nervous. They held hands in front of the room and seemed like they were only aware of each other. I made some jokes that they laughed at, but I’m not even sure if they heard the whole ceremony…they were just focused on each other and how this was finally happening. Soon enough the spell was broken and it was time to kiss! Congratulations Mike and Tara! I’m so glad that I got to share in this beautiful moment with you and I wish you much love over the years.

Wow what a day! So I have a lot of things to say about January 18th. First off, it was the first real day of snow, and you could tell the Earth had been holding back. It looked like a winter wonderland outside, but it was warm and beautiful inside The Brickhall in the Hollow. I had never been there before and I’m so happy that the first time I got to experience it was with the ever adorable Karen and Greg! I knew I liked them immediately after I met them. They were down to earth and fun to be around, and you could tell, people that belonged together.
When I first arrived (and made it through the squall), I checked in with the couple. They were having a great time with their wedding party, and you could hear the laughter and joy emanating from downstairs as guest filed in. You could tell this was a well loved couple from the feeling in the room. Soon enough though, it was time to get started! I stood at the alter with Greg and listened to him work on his deep breathing. It’s amazing that a couple can do photos together and hang out until the last minute, and yet as you’re looking at each other, with an aisle between you, it’s as intense as if you’re seeing each other for the first time.
They made it through their incredible vows (Karen’s so moving and Greg’s including SINGING), and soon enough they were kissing as husband and wife as the crowd erupted! Congratulations Greg and Karen! I feel so lucky to have met you and wish you a lifetime of travel and happiness together.

On Friday, January 17th, I started off my new wedding season at the Botanical Gardens with Lisa and Phil. I had never done an evening wedding there in the winter, and the dome room was so romantic in the evening light. There are only a few lights so it had almost a mysterious feel to it. I found Phil taking care of business and chatting with guests and kids (so many kids!) and just waiting for things to get going. I (think) in typical Lisa fashion, she showed up about 20 minutes late and made an entrance. Although, you could see how happy everyone was and that they didn’t mind waiting for this moment.
I stood at the alter with Phil and we watched their kids enter together with little guy baby Phil who came barreling up the aisle on a mission! By the time Lisa got to Phil, she was already crying, but those tears didn’t compare to the ones that came during her vows! I think they caught her off guard because you’re never really sure how the moment is going to affect you, but it was beautiful to witness. But they made it through their vows and soon enough were kissing as husband and wife! Congratulations Phillip and Lisa! It was a perfect moment for the two of you and I wish you so many more in your future!

I love weddings at peoples homes. They are so intimate and lovely, and to have one on New Year’s Eve seems like the PERFECT way to celebrate a new year. So on December 31st, I found myself at Rickell and Anthony’s home, full of children, friends, family, and 3 adorable kittens as we prepared to take their 16 year relationship to the next level!
When Rickell first contacted me, I was already finished booking for the year. I thought, there is nothing that can convince me to take on another wedding. Well, that was before Rickell. I loved talking to her about her family and her love of Anthony and all they had been through together. After that, it was pretty much a no-brainer.
Rickell was getting ready upstairs with family, and Anthony was moving from room to room, setting everything up downstairs. Finally it was time, and since they couldn’t get the music to work, everyone sang here comes the bride as she descended the staircase. Way better! She was very emotional and I could tell how moved they both were as they said their vows, and shared in a unity candle ceremony. Afterwards they joyously kissed, and I watched their kids come up to hug them and all share in the moment. Congratulations Anthony and Rickell! I’m so happy that you found me and that I got to share in such a beautiful moment. Happy new year and so many more!

I can’t believe how quickly time passes and that the year is just about over! On December 28th I was celebrating the end of a season (holiday, year, decade) at the Hotel Lafayette for Paige and Tim’s wedding! It’s such a lovely spot and it really fit the couple. After checking in with them and seeing how ready (and beautiful) they were, I went down to check out the happy guests (hey I know one of them!) and the beautiful space. Tim came down to greet guests and he really seemed calm and ready to begin. Then of course we stood at the alter together and he watched his future wife walk towards him, and the tears came. I love watching people get hit by emotion they weren’t expecting! But they made it through their vows and were kissing, joyfully before we knew it! Congratulations Timothy and Paige! You’re such a lovely couple and I wish you a happy life together!