YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

August 3rd was a lovely day and a very chill evening. At the Hotel Lafayette, Alex and his brother were hanging out waiting for guests to show up, and seemed excited, but calm overall. Well, at least until about 5 minutes before when there was a lot more pacing and rapid questions. My favorite part! Otherwise things were looking great and when I found Kaylie she was happy and beautiful so I knew everything would go smoothly. If you’re chill, you can’t be upset about the little things. It’s a great way to be. They are Disney lovers, so of course there was a Disney theme happening. They are the kind of couple that so long as they can go to Disney whenever they need to, they won’t have any trouble in their future! When they finally met at the alter, they looked happy and relieved to be seeing each other. They smiled and laughed and possible found their nervousness, but all in all it was a lovely moment. By the time they kissed they looked like they couldn’t have waiting another moment. Congratulations Alex and Kaylie! You are clearly meant to be and I know you’ll have a happy, game filled life! Best wishes!

I love small, intimate weddings, and that’s exactly what I got on August 2nd at The Mansion on Delaware. Megan and Matt knew they wanted to spend forever together, and felt that they only needed their closest people with them when they said their I do’s. It was a lovely day, and they had a space picked out outside, with a light breeze under an arbor, and I knew it was going to be a perfect moment. When I first checked in with Matt he was definitely nervous, but he was organized and down to business. I kept thinking, he will be much happier when this starts happening. The waiting around is truly the most difficult part! But not long after he was scooped away to have his first look with his bride. Those are such special moments and I’m always so jealous of the photographers then. Eventually I sneaked over and saw them still hugging and posing and got to see a little of the magic. I had to immediately tell Megan how beautiful she looked, and remind them that they might hear some sirens since they were outside on Delaware, but that those were SUPER lucky on your wedding day. I’m not sure if they bought it…
Eventually guests headed outside to take their seats, and I made my way out to where Matt was standing. As the music began, Megan came out on her dad’s arm and found her way to Matt. Her tears were pretty immediate and in those moments I remind myself I have to start carrying tissues! It was hard for Megan to get through her vows and you could truly feel the love all around them. But they did make it through and by the time they took hands they looked happy and confident that not only were they married, but they had made it through! And with some lucky sirens to boot! That’s why that kiss is always so happy. It’s of love and relief and a million other feelings! Congratulations Matt and Megan! You were obviously meant to find each other and I’m so happy this beautiful day happened for you. Best wishes always!

I hadn’t been to Evangola State Park in many years, so I was really excited on July 28th when I got to visit again for Jennifer and Kevin’s wedding. It’s a beautiful spot on the water and even though it was windy as all heck, it was still a perfect day. I found Kevin when I first arrived. He was setting up the space for the reception. He seemed nervous, but he was definitely all business. He knew he had things to do and he was making it happen. He’s a shy guy in general, so I knew standing in front of everyone, reading vows, wasn’t going to be the easiest for him, but I think he was willing to do anything for Jennifer. I watched him check in with guests, make sure I was ok, organize the wine/love letter ceremony they would do later on, talk to the dj, and more, all while never turning around to face the audience. I asked him why that was and he was so nervous of catching a glimpse of Jennifer before she started walking down the aisle that he wouldn’t risk it! It was adorable and I knew then just how lovely this ceremony would be. There was a small wood bridge that eventually became full with their wedding party as they had their way down to us by the water. Once Jennifer was on that bridge, Kevin looked up and found his future wife. It was a very touching moment and you could see the emotion on both of their faces. I gave Kevin the microphone for his vows and Jennifer’s eyes got huge and she was like, “I’m not using the mic! My vows are just for him!” and Kevin agreed, handing it back to me as they made their promises privately. I mean with that wind, no one was eavesdropping! They added their love letter to the wine box and soon enough, they were kissing as man and wife. Congratulations Kevin & Jennifer! You’re such a fun and supportive couple and I know you’ll always be there for each other. Much love always.



July 21st called for rain, but I told Sarah that I was on a real roll this year, and there was no way it was going to happen. When I arrived at The Columns, I felt like a weather overlord because there wasn’t a drop of rain, just a bit of overcast to help with the heat and photos. What can I say?
I first found Andrew looking very excited. Everything looked so good and he seemed happy with the way things turned out. I could tell he would only be happier when he had Sarah’s hands in his. I found Sarah and she looked amazing! She really is all joy and kindness and I was so happy to be a part of this day. They have traveled to many places around the country and the world, and they had a travel theme for the wedding which resonated with me because I love travel and how this looked. Little globes all over and each table named after a city they had traveled to together, minus their own head table which was Maui which is the next place they would be travelling together for their honeymoon. I know, right? Adorable.
I finally headed outside with Andy and we watched the wedding party approach and eagerly awaited Sarah’s debut moment. No one was disappointed and the couple looked so happy when they met at the top of the aisle. They smiled and giggled, and belly laughed as they shared their personal written vows, which led me to understand that if you played board games with them, blood could possibly be shed. I loved it all. Soon enough they were in each others arms and sharing that first, big kiss. Congratulations Andrew and Sarah! You two were obviously meant for each other and I wish you a lifetime of travel and happiness.


I’ll never forget July 14th, because it was the first time I had been inside The Wintergarden and it really blew my mind! It was a high-ceilinged jungle and I could tell it was the most perfect place for Frances and Nick to say their “I do’s.”
When I first arrived I found Nick, who was high energy and ready to do this thing! I think that was a reaction to his nerves, but it was very adorable. As I said the place was amazing and I spent a lot of time walking around and checking out the space, which also had an art gallery on the second floor! I was very excited for Frances to arrive and to start this beautiful event. When she finally did arrive, we all headed down a long, winding staircase, including an ADORABLE ring bearer, to stand in a circle, surrounded by happy guests. As Frances walked towards Nick, he looked like he was going to burst with joy. They smiled at each other and focused on the moment, and their personal written vows were very beautiful. I loved laughing alongside them. It was a very moving moment and as always, I have to really keep it together since it wouldn’t look too professional if I burst into tears. Finally it was time for them to kiss and they became Mr. & Mrs. to a burst of applause! Congratulations Nick and Frances! Beautiful couples deserve beautiful weddings and I’m so happy that I was a part of this. I wish you nothing but happiness in your long and loving marriage!


There is nothing I love more than a weekday wedding! So on Wednesday July 11th, I was so happy to head to Knox Farms to help Lindsay and Scott with their private elopement. Lindsay and Scott are such a beautiful couple, and this moment seemed perfect for them. Although they have a lot of friends and family, they knew that this special moment was meant to be with just the two of them. We met under an AMAZING tree that they were both familiar with, and I was able to watch them focus only on each other and share their vows with laughs, some tears, some pesky bug removal, and all the other joys that come with marrying your best friend. Their kiss was graceful and lovely and I was thrilled to pronounce them husband and wife! And then I was even happier to get them into that tree for a photo shoot! Congratulations Scott and Lindsay. This moment was meant for the two of you, and I hope your friends were just as happy the next day at kick ball when you broke the news! Much love always!