YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 8th was a super special and amazing day. Not only did two exceptional people get married, but one of them happened to be my friend that I met back in 8th grade. I had just moved to a new school, in the middle of the year no less, and it was awful. Being the new kid is a painful experience, and I was fully expecting everyone to ignore me forever. But that first day, someone came up to me and immediately make me feel welcome and less afraid and that was Jessika! So I was more than honored to perform her wedding ceremony. Her and Mike are an awesome couple. Not only do they have two beautiful little boys together, but they are carefree and fun-loving, which meant that I had permission to make fun of them in the ceremony! My favorite! They got married at The Tralf Music Hall, since music is such a big part of their lives, and it looked like the coolest concert I had ever been to. Jessika and Mike were feeling good when I arrived, a little nervous, but mostly excited. Jessika is a local singer, so her guitar player was on the stage getting all the guests ready. Soon enough, it was time for Jessika to make that long walk up onto the stage, to stand next to the guy she had been loving for 9 years! Did I mention she made that walk to an acoustic version of Man Eater? Yeah. They are that awesome.  Their vows were beautiful and hilarious and it was difficult for me to keep it together with so much love in the room. Congratulations Mike and Jessika! I’m so happy to have been a part of your day, and that you guys have the happiness you’ve always deserved. Now can we please hang out more?

No two weddings look the same. And very few look like Cassandra and Lee’s at the stunning Fontainebleau Inn in Apline NY! What a stunner! Coming out of a gorgeous and historic 1814 Inn, the ceremony was set down a deep hill, and next to a lake. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that! Cassandra and Lee were both ready to go when I got there, and I think it was hard for them having to wait for guests to gather. They were ready to say their “I do’s”! It could also be that their two very young boys were quiet and calm and they wanted to get going before that moment ended! There were the most adorable flower girls running all around, and it almost felt like a backyard wedding, just on a stunning estate! Soon enough we made the long walk down, with the rumbling of thunder making everyone nervous, and got to watch Cassandra make the long and beautiful walk down. She was preceded by their son Simon with a “here comes my mom” sign which was adorable, and to the Game of Thrones theme song no less! It was actually incredibly beautiful stripped down to an acoustic version, and showed the couples fun side. When Cassandra finally made it to Lee, they took each others hands and were all smiles. There were some nervous glances to their little boys because wedding or no wedding, parents can’t stop being parents, but all in all, they were focused on each other, and excited for sure because Cassandra was bopping around from foot to foot the whole time. It was so cute and funny! She literally couldn’t contain her excitement! Soon though, it all came down to one moment, that first kiss where mom and dad became husband and wife. Congratulations Lee and Cassandra! It was an amazing day and place for an amazing couple and I know you’ll have a full (and busy) life ahead of you. Best wishes always!

We get through the driest summer ever, and now all my fall couples are sweating bullets because every day seems to call for rain! But I’ve said it before, I have a perfect record for 2016 of it raining before the ceremony, but stopping with enough time to dry the seat and have the ceremony. On October 1st, I decided to try my newfound magic again. At O’Brien’s Sleepy Hollow, I found Corey and Jenna getting some photos taken outside, oblivious to the light rain that was coming down on them. Corey let me know they didn’t car at all about some sprinkles, they were getting married and that’s all that mattered! Afterwards Jenna went and hid from guests, looking a little nervous that the ceremony wouldn’t be outside and on the water like they planned, but inside due to rain. I told her we would cross that bridge when we came to it (I was feeling good). But sure enough, the rain stopped, and people ran outside to start drying off seats so we could get the ceremony started. It was a lovely wedding to walk into. One of the groomsmen stood upfront with Corey, and played the guitar as grandparents and parents were escorted down the aisle. Then it was time for Jenna to make her beautiful appearance, and when she did I couldn’t help but giggle to myself. Right before we went outside, she had mentioned in passing that she was all cried out and probably wouldn’t cry during the ceremony. Looking at the tears immediately traveling down her cheeks, I knew that wasn’t true! It was a very emotional moment for both of them, and they looked so happy and in love. We laughed when I mentioned they would feel no rain in their future, and I think they realized in that moment how perfect this day was for them. Congratulations Corey and Jenna! You were obviously meant to find each other, and I know I’m happy you found me. Best wishes always!

Maggie and Eddie are adorable. I think when I first met them and sat down at the table, I wondered to myself if they matched each other. After sitting and talking with them for 5 minutes, it was very clear that they do. Actually, they are perfect for each other! And on September 30th at the Burchfield Nature and Art Center, they decided to take that perfect relationship one step further and get married! The forecast was making them nervous since it called for rain and they were getting married outside in the open, but when the time came it was gorgeous. All sunshine and soft breezes and you could tell it took a weight off their shoulders and replaced it with a smile on their faces. Their wedding party was having a great time. It was a lot of laughter and jokes and everyone was so keyed up for the moment to begin. Not to mention it was such a beautiful spot that no matter where you were, you were in a sort of magical place. After guests gathered around the stone amphitheater, Eddie and I made our way up with his groomsmen to await Maggie’s entrance. She looked stunning when she did and in that moment I saw both of their nerves kick it. Even if you see each other before the ceremony, I don’t think it takes away from the moment at all. As you are standing or walking towards the person you’re going to marry, it’s like you’re seeing them for the first time, because you’ve never seen them in that light. They smiled and laughed during the ceremony, and were troopers when an endless motorcade of police cars seems to drive by, sirens blaring during the entire ceremony. At least I told them, when they hear sirens in the future they can be reminded of their day! Soon enough it was time to kiss and you could see the joy in their eyes knowing they were Mr. & Mrs. Congratulations Eddie and Maggie! I see nothing but happiness in your future and I’m so happy I was able to share this moment with you. Happiness always!


On September 23rd they kept calling for rain, but it wasn’t falling so I wasn’t worried. When I arrived at Banchetti by Rizzo’s, I felt pretty good that those rain clouds were just for show and would soon enough blow away, but as soon as I stepped out of the car and up to the lovely Christie, the rain decided it would like to make an appearance and came pouring down. Christie’s face looked devastated, but I let her know I was having a very good streak this year of rain right before the ceremony, and then clearing up for the big outdoor moment. And my magic held! Soon enough the rain stopped and they were able to wipe down chairs and move over a tent for emergencies. Talk about real wedding day luck! Dave was hanging out with guests, and was definitely focused on everything being perfect for Christie. I love seeing the grooms a little worried. It’s the look of love! Once the rain stopped, it felt wonderful outside and couldn’t be a better temperature for a wedding. So Dave and I made our way to the gazebo and watched as the wedding party made their way to stand by their closest friends. It’s really fantastic watching the party walk up because they always look so happy to be included in such a big moment. Then Christie made it to Dave and they looked at each other with laughter in their eyes and got married! I think people don’t really realize it’s such a big moment until you’re standing across from the person you love, and leaning in to give them your first married kiss! Congratulations David and Christie! You’re an amazing couple and I’m so happy I got to spend (a dry) evening with you. And it was nice seeing you the next day as well😉 Best wishes always!

I was lucky enough to spend September 17th in one of the coolest wedding venues I’ve ever seen. The Genesee Country Village & Museum is kind of its own little world, with different historic villages mixed together. It was the perfect place for a unique, and fun couple, and that’s exactly who Michelle and Stephen are. After riding a golf cart through the village, I found Michelle getting ready with her bridesmaids, already glowing! I explored the land a bit and found Stephen, looking just as excited as Michelle for the moment to begin. Besides the fantastic buildings, beautiful greenery, and harp player, it really was a stunning environment. There were definitely some rain clouds threatening to put a damper on the moment, but everyone was moving as quickly as they could so that we could start on time and beat the rain. Groomsmen dried off chairs, and guests handed out boutineers and soon enough, it was time to start. Nothing could stop this magical moment from taking place, not even me falling off a golf cart and landing in some muddy gravel. All in a clumsy person’s days work. After wiping down, I headed up to the alter with Stephen to await their large bridal party, who smiled the whole way down the aisle (and possible slapped Stephen’s butt a lot). Soon Michelle made her entrance, and she looking stunning and I watched tears immediately fill Stephen’s eyes. These moments make me feel so happy, I feel like I’ve know this couple my whole life and I can’t wait for them to be married! After their vows and rings and the watering of a tree that they will plant together at their home, it was time to kiss and be married! Congratulations Stephen and Michelle! It was a perfect place and day for a perfect couple and I’m glad I got to share it with you. Much love always.

Oh my. Catherine and Benjamin. They are seriously adorable. From the moment I met these two and learned of their dental school meeting, I adored them. So on September 10th, I was so happy to join them at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum for their long awaited wedding. And my favorite photographers Ayres Photography was there, so really, just the cherry on my sundae! It was a warm day, and pretty darn hot inside the museum. If I hadn’t noticed myself, I would have noticed after poor Ben brought it up a few times. Nerves plus heat is hard. And while he was super excited, I could tell her was nervous too, and was already looking forward to getting some fresh air afterwards. Catherine was hiding out with her bridesmaids downstairs where it was cooler, and she was beaming and ready to go! After everyone arrived, Ben and his groomsmen and myself made our way to the front of the hall, and both looked forward to Cate making her appearance. She looked beautiful when she did and I think that was a moment where Ben forgot about the heat and the audience and was only focused on her. He may have been distracted again though as the ceremony went on and sweat began to pour down his face. It reminded me of how sweaty my husband was for our wedding, so I found it extra cute. After their readings and vows, Catherine and Benjamin took part in a unity ceremony where they tied a fisherman’s knot together. It was a little difficult to get it right, and their guests loved it. Laughing and smiling the whole time. It was just like their relationship. It took time, but now it’s done and it’s strong and will last the test of time. Soon enough, it was time to kiss and to head out to the next chapter of their life! Congratulations Benjamin and Catherine! It was such a wonderful day, and I know you have so many wonderful days ahead of you. Best wishes for a happy life!