YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

May 5th was an exciting day because it was another wedding day! Of course the rain was on its usual mission to mess stuff up, but Jen and Bryan didn’t blink and eye at the bad weather. At Kotecki’s Grove, they just moved the party inside and onto a gorgeous staircase. I don’t think it could have looked any nicer if it was outside. It was truly perfect. Bryan is a bit of a self-proclaimed worry wart. He kept checking in to make sure everything was all set, but it just adds to his charm and shows how much he cared about Jen having a perfect day. When I first got there, the guy were celebrating together. They all seemed very happy for their friend. My favorite part was when all the guys got together and gave what looked like a pep talk to Bryan. It was hilarious because it looked like a football huddle with suits. Jen her bridesmaids were ready to go, and soon enough it was time for them to meet on the grand staircase. They were both hilarious. They kept making jokes to each other and faces and eyes, and at one point Jen said something so hilarious and a bit naughty, that her maid of honor and myself burst out laughing. I really loved this couple. They said their beautiful vows to each other and then did a tree planting ceremony, welcoming a new tree that would follow them home. Before you knew it, it was time to kiss and declare them husband and wife! Congratulations Bryan and Jen! You already know you were made for each other, but know that I was incredibly happy to be a part of your day. Best wishes!

Christine and Al aren’t like other couples. They march to their own drummer and that is what makes them original and awesome! That was also very clear on April 29th, at a VFW Post, as I joined their steampunk wedding! When I walked in the door, I was immediately taken aback by how cool everyone looked! I didn’t know it was steampunk themed, so it was very exciting to see the decorations and the boots, coats, hats, monocles, etc. that were happening all around me. Al was so happy when I found him. Just an ear to ear grin and I knew that he could barely wait for this moment. Guests were gathering, almost all dressed to match the theme, and everyone seemed equally excited for the moment. Soon Christine arrived and hung out in the back, looking amazing, as she waited for her entrance. She was as excited as Al and I was started to get nervous that these two were really going to effect me emotionally. Well I wasn’t wrong there! Soon they were standing face to face and there were just tears everywhere! It was such a showcase of love and emotion that I really had to focus on not crying. They were just so happy! They also called all of their children up to talk about how much they loved them and how they would always be there for them. Looking out into the crowd I could tell this was effecting everyone. Their vows were so touching and they smiled as tears slid down their face. I really had to keep looking away to keep it together! Soon enough it was time to kiss and laugh and hold each other finally as a married couple. Congratulations Al and Christine! You are without a doubt made for each other and I know you’re going to have such a fun, happy life ahead of you. Thanks for letting me be a part of such an amazing day!

Enough with this chilly spring already! You are annoying my couples and their guests. Curse having 4 amazing seasons. On April 28th it was another chilly and rainy day, but it did the best it could for Kayla and Peter so that they could have their wedding outdoors in front of the beautiful gazebo at Michael’s Catering and Banquets. People were excitedly gathering in the lobby, and I sneaked upstairs to visit with Kayla and gawk over how beautiful she looked. She was also flanked by two of the cutest flower girls, so I was immediately in the marrying mood! Peter was downstairs greeting guests and laughing with his groomsmen. He seemed very happy and confident with what was about to happen. After people had their fill of photos with Peter, guests began to take their seats outside awaiting Kayla’s entrance.  Peter started to seem a little nervous then. Like, everything hit him at once! It’s a good thing the adorable flower girls starting throwing their petals around, because everyone laughed and Peter seemed to relax. Then Kayla walked down the aisle and into Peter’s hands. They really are a lovely couple, and with light tears in their eyes, they began their ceremony, smiling, laughing, and looking lost in a faint love glow. And I had one of my all time favorite wedding moments! Just as I mentioned how they will end up wiping tears from each others eyes over their years together, a tear fell down Kayla’s face, and Peter wiped it away. That’s it for me! Love overload! They finally were able to kiss and gave each other that look that you can only catch at wedding’s when a couple realizes that such an amazing thing just happened. Congratulations Peter and Kayla! I’m so happy to have been a part of your day and I know you have nothing but happiness in your future! Much love!

April 21st was a cold, rainy day, but Megan could only see the sunshine coming from this amazing moment. She was going to marry John and she didn’t care about some silly chill. At Glen Oak Golf Course she knew she wanted to say her I do’s under the gazebo with the wind at her back. You have to admire a girl with such convictions! And I think guests appreciated a 15 minute ceremony 😉
I checked in with the couple when I arrived and they were eager to get things started. Everything looked lovely inside and although I mentioned it was cold outside, there was a lovely backdrop that anyone would have wanted. After guests gathered outside, huddled together, you could tell they no longer noticed the cold once Megan began her descent downstairs. She looked beautiful and you instantly remember, this is why you’re here. To watch to people who love each other to celebrate that love with a marriage ceremony! The held each other’s hands and were full of nervous laughter as the ceremony went on. They may have had guests gathered all around them, but they only noticed each other. They had a sand ceremony which was amazing because it was in a frame with a picture of them. And Megan’s sand ended up on top, which I’m sorry, but I love! The rain held off for them long enough to grab each other and go in for that big kiss. Congratulations John and Megan! I think you always knew you’d end up here, and I’m so happy everything was just as you wanted it. I wish you nothing but happiness for your long lives together!


April 8th was a day to get married. Lovely spring day and beautiful inside the Tonawanda Castle for Annemarie and Jared’s wedding. They were super excited when I got there. I really couldn’t wait for the ceremony to start because I knew how much they were going to love the moment. They were getting some photos taken and just kept looking at each other and smiling and I knew it was a special moment. Friends and family were gathering, and after most people had a little greeting drink, they looked ready to go. Jared and I headed to the front, and he nervously looked down the aisle for his groomsmen to join him and eventually his bride. The show of course stopped for a minute when two adorable flower girls slowly made their way down, throwing pedals in the way that only little humans can do. It was hilarious and I think it helped Jared relax, and Annemarie because she started her walk laughing. They looked so happy to join each other and really seemed to take in everything I was saying. After their sand ceremony they knew  this wonderful yet kinda stressful moment was ending, so they grabbed hands and smiled until the end! Also, their cakes made me laugh aloud, so kudos to that. Congratulations Jared & Annemarie! I’m so happy you found each other and so are the hundreds of shelter animals you work with. I wish you nothing but the best in your long life together!



March 31st might have ended the month, but it began a new life for Shelby and Bill. After being together for many years and creating two beautiful little girls, they decided to make it official at The Columns Banquets. I met Shelby through an old friend of mine, and I’m so happy he introduced us! What an amazing couple. I was very excited to join them on their big day. Guests piled in as Shelby hid out with her bridesmaids, putting on the finishing touches. I walked in on a friend fastening her shoes for her. True friendship. Bill was in the banquet room checking things over and mostly doing a bit of nervous pacing. He said he had felt fine all day, but now that we were 15 minutes out, the nerves were starting to show. Soon it was time to head up front and wait for his bride to meet him. I think he felt better once he saw her and they were finally face to face. And of course there was laughter as their youngest daughter made it clear she wasn’t loving all of this nonsense such as walking down an aisle and then sitting quietly. Shelby and Bill did their vows and of course looked thrilled when it was time to finally kiss as husband and wife. Immediately afterwards they went into a room by themselves to take a moment to process what had happened with only each other. I really loved the idea and think that could be good for all couples. Just press pause and look at each other and let it sink in what an amazing thing that just happened! Congratulations Bill and Shelby! You’re a perfect pair and I know your home will continue to be full of love and happiness. Best wishes always.

The first wedding of a new season is always a special one, and I couldn’t have been happier than to share it with Matthew and Fabian on March 25th! A beautiful couple that I liked from the moment I met them and I was thrilled that Matthew’s mom found me. At the 20th Century Club, or as I’m now referring to it, Buffalo’s Best Kept Secret, they waited with their guests for the moment to arrive. It was a very intimate affair with no more than 30 guests, and it felt perfect for this couple. They’ve had a busy relationship with Fabian living in Germany for some of it, so between lots of travel and phone calls and long nights apart, they wanted something simple yet beautiful for their wedding. And that’s my literal motto! They both looked dapper in their tuxedos and were definitely full of nerves. The planner at the venue made sure they had a drink to calm down, and I think the gin did them good. Soon though it was time to head upstairs to make it official. They were still very nervous, but I knew once it started, and they stood there looking at each other, it would all come into place and the nerves would leave for feelings of completeness. And I watched that happen before my eyes! After their beautiful vows to each other, and Matthew’s friend and Fabian’s brother coming up to sign the marriage license during the ceremony (German tradition), it was time to kiss and be wed! Congratulations Fabian & Matthew! I’m so happy that an airline strike brought you to each other and I wish you nothing but happiness. Much love forever!