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I was lucky enough to spend September 17th in one of the coolest wedding venues I’ve ever seen. The Genesee Country Village & Museum is kind of its own little world, with different historic villages mixed together. It was the perfect place for a unique, and fun couple, and that’s exactly who Michelle and Stephen are. After riding a golf cart through the village, I found Michelle getting ready with her bridesmaids, already glowing! I explored the land a bit and found Stephen, looking just as excited as Michelle for the moment to begin. Besides the fantastic buildings, beautiful greenery, and harp player, it really was a stunning environment. There were definitely some rain clouds threatening to put a damper on the moment, but everyone was moving as quickly as they could so that we could start on time and beat the rain. Groomsmen dried off chairs, and guests handed out boutineers and soon enough, it was time to start. Nothing could stop this magical moment from taking place, not even me falling off a golf cart and landing in some muddy gravel. All in a clumsy person’s days work. After wiping down, I headed up to the alter with Stephen to await their large bridal party, who smiled the whole way down the aisle (and possible slapped Stephen’s butt a lot). Soon Michelle made her entrance, and she looking stunning and I watched tears immediately fill Stephen’s eyes. These moments make me feel so happy, I feel like I’ve know this couple my whole life and I can’t wait for them to be married! After their vows and rings and the watering of a tree that they will plant together at their home, it was time to kiss and be married! Congratulations Stephen and Michelle! It was a perfect place and day for a perfect couple and I’m glad I got to share it with you. Much love always.

Oh my. Catherine and Benjamin. They are seriously adorable. From the moment I met these two and learned of their dental school meeting, I adored them. So on September 10th, I was so happy to join them at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum for their long awaited wedding. And my favorite photographers Ayres Photography was there, so really, just the cherry on my sundae! It was a warm day, and pretty darn hot inside the museum. If I hadn’t noticed myself, I would have noticed after poor Ben brought it up a few times. Nerves plus heat is hard. And while he was super excited, I could tell her was nervous too, and was already looking forward to getting some fresh air afterwards. Catherine was hiding out with her bridesmaids downstairs where it was cooler, and she was beaming and ready to go! After everyone arrived, Ben and his groomsmen and myself made our way to the front of the hall, and both looked forward to Cate making her appearance. She looked beautiful when she did and I think that was a moment where Ben forgot about the heat and the audience and was only focused on her. He may have been distracted again though as the ceremony went on and sweat began to pour down his face. It reminded me of how sweaty my husband was for our wedding, so I found it extra cute. After their readings and vows, Catherine and Benjamin took part in a unity ceremony where they tied a fisherman’s knot together. It was a little difficult to get it right, and their guests loved it. Laughing and smiling the whole time. It was just like their relationship. It took time, but now it’s done and it’s strong and will last the test of time. Soon enough, it was time to kiss and to head out to the next chapter of their life! Congratulations Benjamin and Catherine! It was such a wonderful day, and I know you have so many wonderful days ahead of you. Best wishes for a happy life!

Some couples know each other better than others, and know exactly what they want for their wedding day. That was definitely the case for Julia & Chris on September 5th. They know each other as well as they know the back of their hand, and they wanted to make sure that there wedding was special and represented them. I felt especially honored that they picked me and trusted me to make it happen! At the Linehan Chapel at Nazareth College, everything was coming together to make one lovely day. In the stained-glassed chapel, I found Chris checking every last detail before Julia was to make her entrance.  He looked nervous, but excited and I could tell he was ready to get the show on the road. Julia looked beautiful as she hid in the back, waiting for guests to gather. I think she was a little more nervous than she had anticipated which of course if my favorite. Unexpected emotions can’t be beat! Soon though, it was time to start and I headed to the front of the chapel with Chris and his sister to await Julia’s entrance. And when she did, his whole face lit up in an instance, and then I think he was immediately on “emotions detail.” Focusing on not crying in front of everyone he knew! They looked into each others eyes as they listened to readings from family and did their vows. By the end, they were holding hands and looked lost in the moment. Perfect time for a kiss! Congratulations Chris and Julia! The two of you couldn’t be more perfect together, and it was definitely fate that brought you together. Best wishes for a happy and full life together!.

I just love weddings! And on September 3rd at Kotecki’s, I knew that I was in the right spot when I was greeted at the door by “ring security” (check out his photo below). I love how every wedding is just different enough to see the couples’ personalities comes out, and every one of them is exciting in its own way. I found Rachael right away, hiding behind a wall, trying to peek out at what was happening and not be seen. It didn’t seem like an easy task, but her bridesmaids were there to run around for her and make sure that she was happy on her big day. When I found Joe, he looked a bit more nervous than Rachael. I think he was ready to get started so that the pressure of this moment would release a bit and he could finally exhale. It was another hot one (literally all of them, all summer), but guests didn’t seem to mind the sun, and were eager enough to head out to their seats without any prompting, I think perfectly ready for the moment to happen. I walked out with Joe, and although we were a little blinded by the sun, he made sure that he would have a perfect view of Rachael when she came out. And he’s lucky he did because she looked beautiful! Their vows were lovely and heartfelt and you could feel what a powerful moment this was between the two of them. There were some tears, but more smiles, and of course an even bigger kiss. Congratulations Joe and Rachael! It’s been a long time coming and it wasn’t hard to see that the two of you are meant for each other. Thanks for letting me be a part of your beautiful day!


It’s hard to top a beautiful late summer drive to Ithaca NY, but following it up with a beautiful wedding sure gets the job done! On August 27th I went to the amazing Firelight Camps to spend the afternoon with Eloisa and Thomas for their big day. It was another scorcher, but you didn’t mind as much since there were trees to shade you and so much to look at it! I was a truly unique spot and I’m not sure how they ever found it! When I got there, things may have been running a bit behind. I say that because Thomas was still in the shower! Although it’s hilarious that Eloisa was deep into getting ready, Thomas was only in the shower, and he still finished up before she did. Being a bride is no joke.
Thomas was finishing up some last minute touches, getting the rose petals on the grass for Eloisa to walk on, getting the dirt from their engagement spot to sprinkle on there unity ceremony tree they were planting. And of course, finding out how Eloisa was feeling. I checked in with her and she was definitely ready! She was incredibly excited and kept saying, “I’m so ready to marry this man!” Finally, after guests were gathered, family members were dialed into skype, and the couple was ready, they headed down the aisle to greet each other for the first time that day. They looked beautiful and happy and I think Eloisa told Thomas she loved him about half a dozen times throughout the ceremony. I’m lucky to have a front row seat to these moments, because I’m not sure anyone can see all the magical moments that pass between a couple. Soon enough they were husband and wife and it was time to celebrate! Congratulations Thomas and Eloisa. After all of those years together you can now hold the hand of your husband or wife and know that the journey led to something incredibly special. Best wishes always!

August 20th was another hot one, but there was a breeze to go along with your sunshine down at the Niawanda Park. Shauna looked radiant as she hid in the back of the pavilion watching guests arrive. People kept trying to sneak a peek, but were happy enough to congratulate Andrew after he showed up. I have to say he looked down right adorable, but I have a real soft spot for newsboy hats. I could tell they were both ready for the moment, so I began to usher people outside and around the alter. That was easier said than done! It was sunny outside and you couldn’t really catch any shade by the alter. The only shade was off to the side and that’s where everyone ended up gathering! I think once they realized they could see and hear the whole thing from the shade, there was no reason to be front and center. It was kind of a nice effect for Shauna and Andrew as well, because while they were technically surrounded by friends and family, if they looked straight out it seemed like an intimate affair with just them and their party. They didn’t seem to notice the heat as much as they smiled at each other and focused on not crying. There were boats breezing past in the background and it was a truly spectacular moment. After using a little early marriage teamwork getting those rings and very hot and swollen fingers, they raced into the first kiss as I pronounced them husband and wife. Congratulations Andrew and Shauna! I’m so happy to have been a part of your day (and your next day😉 ) and to have shared in such a lovely moment with such lovely people. Best wishes always!

I love marrying people I know. And on August 19th, at O’Brien’s Sleepy Hollow, I was able to marry someone I’ve know since I was a little girl. Hilary and I haven’t kept in touch over the years, but our dad’s are best buds, so when we were young we saw each other all the time, at baseball games, at house parties, at moments where our dad’s told awful jokes and stole our noses. So that creates a hell of a bond! So I was honored when she contacted me after all these years and asked me to officiate her wedding. It was a beautiful day, and I was happy to see Bill looking excited and nervous out in the sunshine. It was also nice to see my dad as a guest, hanging out with Hilary’s father. Especially since her dad was at my wedding just a week earlier. It felt like a real family event!
Hilary was hiding in the back and she definitely looked beautiful and ready to start the show! As guests took their seats, Bill and I made our way to the front to await Hilary’s arrival. Soon enough she was on her dad’s arm, making her way down the aisle as they both fought back tears. Bill is the kind of guy who wouldn’t necessarily want to cry at a wedding. And they both really kept it together…until the end that is! At one point I asked them to look into one another’s eyes, and Bill’s eyes started to get wet, which brought the tears down Hilary’s face. I love those moments! It was honest and beautiful and I’m so lucky to have had a front row seat. Congratulations William and Hilary! You’re perfect for each other and may your life be filled with more baseball and love than you can handle.

Rick & my dad!

Rick & my dad!