YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I LOVE weddings at the Botanical Gardens. So it was my lucky day on April 27th. It’s so beautiful inside, with so many different colors and smells, and it’s so warm, which I’m loving this cold spring! It was the perfect spot for Kate and James to hold their very intimate wedding. Everything was covered in flowers and the beautiful sounds of a harp. I found James and Kate having their photos taken in all the different greenrooms, and they were already so happy and relaxed that I knew it was going to be a perfect moment. James and I made our way to the alter, and it was just us since they didn’t have a wedding party. It really made the entire wedding feel just about them and it’s incredibly lovely as opposed to feeling like something is missing. Kate made her way out, and even though they had just been getting photos together, they seemed genuinely happy to see each other. They had written their own vows and they were beautiful and moving and I could see their guests reacting with tears and smiles. Everything felt so perfect in that moment that afterwards the photographer told me she was so moved that she cried as well! By the time they kissed everyone was bursting to applaud them! Congratulations James and Kate. It was such a beautiful moment and I’m lucky to have shared it with you. Much love always.

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