YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Wow what a day! So I have a lot of things to say about January 18th. First off, it was the first real day of snow, and you could tell the Earth had been holding back. It looked like a winter wonderland outside, but it was warm and beautiful inside The Brickhall in the Hollow. I had never been there before and I’m so happy that the first time I got to experience it was with the ever adorable Karen and Greg! I knew I liked them immediately after I met them. They were down to earth and fun to be around, and you could tell, people that belonged together.
When I first arrived (and made it through the squall), I checked in with the couple. They were having a great time with their wedding party, and you could hear the laughter and joy emanating from downstairs as guest filed in. You could tell this was a well loved couple from the feeling in the room. Soon enough though, it was time to get started! I stood at the alter with Greg and listened to him work on his deep breathing. It’s amazing that a couple can do photos together and hang out until the last minute, and yet as you’re looking at each other, with an aisle between you, it’s as intense as if you’re seeing each other for the first time.
They made it through their incredible vows (Karen’s so moving and Greg’s including SINGING), and soon enough they were kissing as husband and wife as the crowd erupted! Congratulations Greg and Karen! I feel so lucky to have met you and wish you a lifetime of travel and happiness together.

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