YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

On Friday, January 17th, I started off my new wedding season at the Botanical Gardens with Lisa and Phil. I had never done an evening wedding there in the winter, and the dome room was so romantic in the evening light. There are only a few lights so it had almost a mysterious feel to it. I found Phil taking care of business and chatting with guests and kids (so many kids!) and just waiting for things to get going. I (think) in typical Lisa fashion, she showed up about 20 minutes late and made an entrance. Although, you could see how happy everyone was and that they didn’t mind waiting for this moment.
I stood at the alter with Phil and we watched their kids enter together with little guy baby Phil who came barreling up the aisle on a mission! By the time Lisa got to Phil, she was already crying, but those tears didn’t compare to the ones that came during her vows! I think they caught her off guard because you’re never really sure how the moment is going to affect you, but it was beautiful to witness. But they made it through their vows and soon enough were kissing as husband and wife! Congratulations Phillip and Lisa! It was a perfect moment for the two of you and I wish you so many more in your future!

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