YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I’ve met Mike a few times over the years, since he’s a wedding photographer and you can’t help but bump into each other. So I was very honored that after seeing so many weddings, he asked me to marry him and his love! So on January 25th, I found myself at Rick’s on Main for an intimate wedding for a select group of friends and family, and lots of kids!
Mike and Tara seemed very comfortable and so content to be in this moment. The room was full of laughter and since they wanted something small and less formal, I could tell this was perfect for them. After the server filled the room with Shirley Temples (lots of kids), it was time to begin. Even though they were mostly relaxed, I LOVE when this moment begins, because that’s when things start to change. Mike suddenly looked a little more shocked, and Tara looked nervous. They held hands in front of the room and seemed like they were only aware of each other. I made some jokes that they laughed at, but I’m not even sure if they heard the whole ceremony…they were just focused on each other and how this was finally happening. Soon enough the spell was broken and it was time to kiss! Congratulations Mike and Tara! I’m so glad that I got to share in this beautiful moment with you and I wish you much love over the years.

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