YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 5th was a stunning fall day and there was nowhere better to be than Knox Farms! The entire estate is gorgeous, but especially at the main house where I found Amanda and Jeremy getting ready. They seemed very excited and so relieved at what a nice day it was. Their little boys were being adorable (and very good), and as soon as guests were gathered out in the fall sunshine, it was time to get started!
I made my way out with Jeremy and he watched in awe as Amanda walked towards him. She looked incredible and I could tell that he was very moved and overtaken with emotion. But when they were hand in hand, it was a perfect moment for each of them. I watched them react to the ceremony, realizing how it was for them in this moment and how happy they were to be getting married. Before we knew it, I was pronouncing them husband and wife and watching them kiss as newlyweds! Congratulations Jeremy and Amanda. I’m so happy you found me and that I got to share in such a wonderful moment. Much love always.

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