YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 26th brought me to Karpeles Manuscript Museum, where I hadn’t been much this season, and was happy to get back inside. Especially to spend a beautiful moment with Kaitlin and Matt. They are a couple that I liked right away when we met, and I knew how big this moment was for them. I found Matt smiling hugely when I got there. I had talked to them a few days earlier on the phone, so I knew they were excited, but definitely a little nervous about how everything would go. Although I’m sure those nerves were still there, you couldn’t tell with Matt who just seemed happy. We talked about some of the basics, and then stopped to listen to the amazing string quartet. Guests were coming in smiling and laughing, and I had to start asking them to take their seats because they all wanted to stand around chatting about the couple!
Soon enough Kaitlin arrived, looking beautiful and hiding from her groom to be. I got things started so they wouldn’t have to wait much longer to see each other. Matt barley blinked as Kaitlin made her way down the aisle. Once they were hand in hand they smiled at each other and at me and at guests, and again I felt lucky to have such an amazing job. They had a couple of readings that were perfect for them, and soon enough they were kissing as husband and wife! Congratulations Matt and Kaitlin! I’m so happy you found each other and I wish you a happy life together!

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