YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

There was a cool breeze in the chilly air on October 4th at the Avanti Mansion, but that wasn’t going to stop Megan and Peter from having their perfect outdoor wedding ceremony moment! When I arrived, I checked in with Peter, and he was ready to go! He felt no cold, and was just excited for everything to get going. It’s 20 minutes of being chilly for the most important time in his life…he felt that people could probably handle that. And Megan was feeling no cold in her beautiful gown, she was running on love and excitement!
As guests gathered on the lawn outside, Megan and Peter lined up and anxiously awaited the moment to arrive. I made my way out with Peter, and we got to watch the wedding part come meet them, giant smiles on everyone face, and by the time Megan stepped outside, guests didn’t seem cold at all. They seemed completely in the moment, and laughed along with Megan and Peter throughout. Before they even got to the big kiss, the audience had erupted with cheers for the new Mr. & Mrs.! Congratulations Peter and Megan! You were obviously meant for each other and now you’ll have a long and happy life together, along with the worlds cutest puppy ever! Best wishes!

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