YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Oh what a wedding day! September 14th was so beautiful, but especially at the HayLoft in the Grove. Not only did I get the pleasure of seeing Ashley and Ryan, but I was able to see their adorable children, all dressed up to the nines! When I arrived I found Ryan, who definitely seemed nervous, but happy about it. I could tell the waiting around was difficult for him, and that he would be happy when we got moving! Ashley looked beautiful as she hid out with her bridesmaids. It seemed like such a perfect spot for them, and I could tell she was just so happy for this moment. Things started quickly and I was up front with Ryan, waiting for Ashley to make her entrance. As I asked guests to stand for Ashley to walk out, her bridesmaid came up to first read a poem. It’s a poem that was read before her mom walked out on her wedding day, and I think her Grandma before that. It was incredibly touching and personal, and I could see it meant the world to Ashley.
She finally did make her way up to Ryan and with tears in their eyes they smiled and laughed and made it through their ceremony! It seems like the easiest thing, but until you’re standing up there with all those emotions, and everyone staring at you, you really don’t know! But as soon as it was time to kiss, they were relaxed and overjoyed to finally be married! Congratulations Ryan and Ashley! It was a lovely day fit for the two of you and your beautiful family. Much love!

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