YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

September 6th ended up being a wonderful day for Caitlin and Matt at Akron Acres, but it was still being a big of a pest in the beginning. When I arrived, I found a stressed out Caitlin, staring outside at the light rain that would start and stop over and over again. She and Matt had their hearts set on being married outside, so we remained hopeful that we could get through it. About 5 minutes before go time, it had stopped raining, and Caitlin, who looked stunning, was feeling good and ready to go! Matt was very relaxed. He just wanted Caitlin to be happy and he was ready to get married! We headed outside and of course, in that moment, the sprinkling began again. We didn’t let it deter us though. Some of the most romantic moments happen in the rain and this was officially one of them!
Matt and I watched Caitlin make her way out, with Matt laughing at the surprise song she picked for him. They were so happy when they were in each others hands and I could start talking about how perfect they are for each other, and of course how tall Matt is, which Caitlin just loves. It was a very beautiful moment, and guests watched happily, umbrellas over their head, knowing what a special moment this was. Soon enough, it was time to kiss as husband and wife, but not before I pulled out a stool for Caitlin to stand on! I told you, Matt was really tall. The audience erupted in laughter and the kiss was so beautiful and passionate. Congratulations Matt and Caitlin! I’m so happy that the rain didn’t stop you from having a perfect moment and I wish you so many more in your long and happy life together!

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