YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I knew September 20th would be unique because Brittany and Tom are unique. So I was pleased, but not surprised when I arrived at the Hotel Henry for their big day. The outdoor and indoor space were both amazing! It really matched their personalities, and you could tell they really put their heart into their wedding. I first found Brittany and she was still getting ready, but was so happy and excited that it was really catching! Tom was pretty much the same way, but with a little more nervousness mixed in. The outdoor space was in front of the hotel and it made for an amazing backdrop. As two old house restorers, I knew that the architecture of the space was important to them, and it really showed.
Soon, it was time and Tom and headed to the alter, where I could watch Brittany walk out and Tom silently cry watching her. It was a really special and beautiful moment, and they had ear to ear smiles during the entire ceremony. It was easy to find the words for them and before we knew it, they were kissing and laughing and being declared husband and wife! Congratulations Tom and Brittany! You’ve been together a long time and yet have so many more years together in your future. Much love always!

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