YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I love weddings at the Hotel Lafayette, so I was pretty pumped to head there on August 24th. Mari-Jo and Adam are so incredibly cute, and hearing about Mari-Jo’s wedding plans, I knew I was going to love this wedding. She made her bouquets out of old books and since my wedding was full of old book flowers, you can tell we are a great fit!
Everything looked perfect in their reception space. Classy, yet perfectly tailored to their Buffalo personalities. There were little buffaloes all over everything, including Adam’s tie, and it couldn’t have been cuter. When I met up with them, they were simply glowing, and I knew there wasn’t anything that could happen that would take the wind out of their sails. I headed out to the courtyard to watch the wedding party walk in, and once Adam and Mari-Jo were near each other, forget about it…it was their world! They maybe heard a snippet here and there, but they were so focused on each other and smiling and laughing that it was hard for me to remember I had a job to do and had to keep reading and not just fawning over them. After their Wine/Love Letter Box sealing, they came back for that giant kiss and were finally married! Congratulations Adam and Mari-Jo! You’re such a lovely couple and I know you’ll have a long and full life ahead of you! Best wishes always!

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