YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

August 25th was another beautiful day at the always beautiful Avanti Mansion. Lisa and Marty were there, ready to get the party started! Lisa looked stunning as I checked in with her, and she seemed nervous, but mostly excited, handing me her vows to hold before the big moment. I could tell she was nervous about it, but knew that she would make it through. Marty was hanging out with his groomsmen and seemed more excited than anything else. And I was lucky enough to have a chance to walk around and look at their tables which were marked with different photos of their pets! You know this is a couple in love since they have multiple cats and Marty is seriously allergic. Allergy pills = love!
Finally it was time to head outside, and I loved watching them meet up with each other at the alter. Marty had jokes. He kept saying little things and squeezing Lisa’s hands and she laughed or lovingly rolled her eyes at him. Always my favorite part of a wedding, and I feel lucky that I get to witness the little things other guests do not. They made it through their vows with some slightly shaking hands, but before too long they were kissing and laughing, recognizing they were now married! Congratulations Marty and Lisa! It was such a beautiful day for beautiful people and I wish you happiness going forward!

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