YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Ok. August 23rd was amazing. I reached a new milestone and a new record. FOURTH WEDDING IN A ROW THAT HAD A DOG IN IT! I really couldn’t be happier. When I arrived at the Timberlodge at Arrowhead for Jessica and Tylor’s wedding, I was greeting by a little wiener dog in a tutu. This is my life and I’m really happy about it.
I checked in with Jessica when I arrived who was very excited and had amazing hair. I asked where Tylor was and she directed me and warned me that he was already in tears. I love an emotional groom so much, so there was a lot to love in Tylor. He was hanging with his groomsmen and immeditaly warned me that he wasn’t done crying, so I knew I had to brace myself for the adorableness that was coming. We headed out to the alter and watched the wedding party make their way out (wiener dog Ella included), and as soon as Tylor saw Jessica, he was all tears. They were both so moved by the beauty of the moment, I looked out and saw that it was moving the whole audience. What a day! It wasn’t easy but they made it through their beautiful vows to each other and I could tell were so excited to kiss and to finally be married! Congratulations Tylor and Jessica! There is no doubt that you were made for each other and I wish you a long and happy life together!

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