YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Oh how I love me a backyard wedding! And August 16th was the most perfect day for one. I headed over to Sarah and Tim’s lovely home (with so many tomato plants), and excitedly waited for their ceremony to begin. It was such a stress-free moment, with Sarah going to get ready, Tim picking out the wine bottles for their unity ceremony, and pups Pai and Bria taking in all the action. They decided to have the ceremony in front of their amazing vegetable garden (I’m telling you, tomatoes for days), and it was charming and intimate and perfect for the two of them. Tim and I made our way in front of guests, and Sarah was escorted out and they both beamed at each other. Weddings like this are really nice because there is less pressure on the couple, so they get a change to listen more to what is being said and are able to react to it, either laughing or making faces at each other or squeezing hands. They combined white and red wine as a symbol of unity, and soon enough they were kissing as husband and wife! Congratulations Timothy and Sarah! It was a perfect afternoon and I’m so happy that I got to spend it with the two of you. Best wishes!

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