YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Thank you world for providing me with all of these weddings with dogs. I’ve had a good run of them and August 10th, at the Buffalo History Museum was no exception. I found Holly and Mike outside in the sunshine when I arrived, both looking beautiful (but hard to top pup Hunter), and so excited for everything to begin. It was an intimate wedding and guests slowly gathered as the band played tunes to get everyone in the mood. Mike seemed a little bit nervous, but it only takes a few of Holly’s very positive smiles to make everyone feel comfortable. We stood outside and watched the wedding party walk up the grand steps and take their place, and even though I had already seen Holly, she looked even lovelier as she made her way to her future husband. They smiled at each other and made it through that emotional moment that you can never be sure how you’ll handle. They finished their unity ceremony and by the time they came back together to take hands, I could feel and stress leave them to replaced by pure joy. Moments later they were covered with streamers and guests happily congratulated them! Congratulations Mike and Holly! You’re such a wonderful couple and I wish you nothing but the best on your future together!

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