YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

On July 27th I found myself at the Mansion on Delaware for Laura and Ryan’s beautiful moment. They were outside taking pictures with family, guests happily watching on. When they finally had the chance, they sneaked inside to find some of their wedding party, and enjoy a quiet moment before all the hub-bub really started! They were joking around with each other and I knew they were excited for everything to start. And start it did…almost without the groom and officiant! As Ryan and his groomsmen lined up inside, we waited for the wedding planner to give us the go ahead. But soon Ryan realized the music was playing and the planner and started the ceremony…without the groom and officiant! We hurried ourselves outside and although it was stressful, we were able to laugh about it. Mostly because we made it! I’m not sure how Laura would have felt walking out to a missing groom! She did make her way out though, and that’s when Ryan really fell apart. His body wasn’t sure if it should laugh or cry or shake or all of the above (all of the above won). It’s always very moving for me to see couples hit with emotion during their ceremony. I know that they are really focused on what is happening and how huge it is and it’s a wonderful moment. They made it through their vows, which was difficult and I had to distract myself so that I didn’t get too emotional, and soon enough they were in each others arms, kissing as husband and wife. Congratulations Ryan and Laura! It was a perfect moment for a perfect couple and I wish you a lifetime of happiness! How could you not with Sophie there!

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