YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

July 20th was a perfect summer day, and I mostly knew this because at the Avanti Mansion, Larry kept telling me it was a perfect summer day! He was so excited for how lovely a day it was for Britnie and himself, and his energy was contagious.
I checked in with the couple when I arrived, Britnie with her bridesmaids getting the final touches, Larry outside with his groomsmen, making sure people pick up their little container of bubbles for afterwards. When we did walk to the alter, I realized how much I liked talked to Larry. He’s so genuine and caring, and I could tell he was happy to see his friends and family and couldn’t wait for the ceremony to start. And when it started…oh boy! He saw Britnie and his whole face lit up. When the were finally standing side by side I realized, they weren’t going to hear a word of what I was saying, because they were in their own place. A place of love and happiness and nerves that goes by so quickly. They made it through their vows and sand ceremony, smiling and laughing and looking more ready than ever for that big kiss! Congratulations Larry and Britnie! It was a beautiful moment for two beautiful humans and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. Best wishes always!

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