YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

My second wedding on April 27th was very different from the first, but just as lovely. McKenzie and Joe wanted to keep things very simple for the ceremony, so they elected to have it at the Chestnut Ridge Park Casino, which I’m not even sure is open to the public yet! They brought an alter and themselves and knew that that was enough. McKenzie stayed in the back with her family and bridesmaids as guest began to gather in the large open space. Joe was keeping things cool, checking in with guests and making sure I didn’t need anything. I could tell they were both just ready for the moment to begin. Soon enough, I headed out to the alter to watch Joe and the party make their long walk down. They saved the music for just McKenzie and it felt very special when she made her appearance, glowing with happiness…and then immediately covered in tears! She was so overcome with emotion and it was very lovely to witness. They made their vows and kept it together as best they could until it was time to kiss and become husband and wife! Congratulations Joe and McKenzie! I’m jealous I don’t get to see how cute your reception was, but I can imagine that it was full of the kind of happiness the two of your bring to each other. Best wishes!

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