YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

February 23rd was on of those rare winter days that feels like spring has finally arrived. It was perfect weather for a perfect couple on their perfect morning. At 10:30am, at the Roycroft Inn, Meaghan and Tyler joined each other in the library to say their “I do’s.”
Meaghan and Tyler didn’t need all the glitz and glamour that goes into a giant wedding. They just had a had a handful of their closest people gather around them as they held hands and held back tears and vowed to love and care for each other. I was really happy there standing between the two of them, seeing all the love in their eyes, and because they had me add lines from stellar fantasy books, which is right up my alley. I was also happy when it was time to exchange rings, because I was holding them and that job is STRESSFUL. But it all worked out and they lovingly took each others hands, and before you knew it, they were kissing as husband and wife. Congratulations Tyler and Meaghan! You’re a wonderful couple and I know you’ll have a happy life filled with amazing books. Best wishes always!

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