YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

January 12th was my first wedding of the year, and while it was cold and blustery outside, it was warm and full of love inside The Columns in Elma. I saw Russell first and he was excited and ready for the moment. He didn’t seem nervous at all, just ready. The venue still had a mild Christmas feel to it, and it was a lovely spot to be married. When I found Shannon she looked beautiful, hanging out with her bridesmaids waiting for it all to begin. Shannon and Russell are a chill couple, and I knew that they would find happiness today no matter what happened, and that’s the way to be. Don’t sweat the small stuff, just be so grateful for the moment. When the moment did arise, I headed to the alter with Russell and we waited for Shannon to make her debut. She looked so happy when she first stepped out, and I felt like Russell was fighting back tears. They took hands when they saw each other, and laughed as I lightly teased them for meeting while tailgating. Love doesn’t wait for romantic settings! It was easy to talk about how perfect they are for each other, and when they finally kissed, I felt so lucky for being there. Congratulations Russell and Shannon! You’re a wonderful couple and I know there will be nothing but happiness and country music concerts in your future. Best wishes always!

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