YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Sometimes you get a call on a Tuesday, and by Sunday, you’re performing a ceremony! That was the case on March 24, at a lovely home in Amherst. Julie called me and said that since she was 7 months pregnant, they decided to tie the knot before the baby came. They didn’t need all the bells and whistles, just their parents, their combined 5 children, and each other! The last minute weddings are kind of my favorite so I was all in.
I arrived at their home late in the afternoon Sunday, and they were already celebrating. The kids were running around with snacks and family members were taking pictures and happily talking. When we got things settled down, Julie had her two little boys stand up with her, and Eric had his two boys and daughter stand with him…well for as long as they could considering they are little humans. Julie and Eric held hands as managed to get through their vows, stopping occasionally to tell one of the little ones to stop whatever they were doing. But the kids helped by bringing their rings over, and seemed happy for the moment. After that, they did a family sand ceremony, where they all poured individual containers of sand into a larger one to symbolize their combined family. It was really perfect for them and I like thinking of it on their mantle for years to come. After they kissed they seemed so happy and relieved that as much of a family as they already were, now they could share each others name. Congratulations Eric and Julie! You’re a wonderful couple with a gorgeous family and I wish you all the best with the new little one! Much love!

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