YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 27th was a typical fall day, unless you were in Ellicottville at Holiday Valley, because it’s way more a-typical and magnificent there! There were so many different colors, which I’m sure the amazing City Lights Studio captured, and although it was raining, it just made being inside the Yoedler Lodge, with its roaring fireplaces, that much cozier.
I think Justin and Krista were a little stressed when I got there. Krista was stressed because the ceremony was taking place outside and it was pouring, and Justin was stressed because Krista was stressed. Usually the way it goes! But we had umbrellas and a covered space, and it didn’t matter so long as they were together! So as guests went out to their seats, bundled up, I waited with Justin and his groomsmen for the moment to begin. They were definitely teasing him, but he was very focused on the moment at hand. He was just very eager for everything to begin. Soon enough we were standing under the awning, watching the bridal party close their umbrellas and head down the aisle, until Krista appeared looking beautiful. All that planning that goes into a wedding is worth is when you’re finally standing there with your true love. They still seemed nervous standing at the alter, with Justin sneaking glances, but keeping his eyes down out of nerves. But they were all smiles when it was time to kiss and become husband and wife! Congratulations Justin and Krista! You’ve had all the rain luck a wedding can provide, so now you just need the warm snuggles. Best wishes always!

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