YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 26th was Matthew and Matt’s 5 year anniversary, so they figured it was the perfect time to get married. The thing is, they decided this a couple weeks ago! But true love will prevail, and everything worked out beautifully for the couple. At St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church, they nervously walked around and had flowers straightened on their lapels while they waited for the big moment. Although they aren’t very religious, it’s hard to deny the beautiful architecture of a church, and they really wanted their wedding to take place in one. Not only was the church stunning, but it was open and welcoming to a gay couple, and they seemed to be having a blast along with the guests!
As we nervously waited around for some out of town guests (waiting is really hard moments before you walk down the aisle), guests took pictures, doted on the adorable flower girl, and reminisced about the Matt’s relationship. But soon enough the moment arrived, and I got to watch Matt and Matt escort each other up the aisle, looking happy and handsome. They definitely seemed nervous once they were at the alter, but after a couple jokes they seemed to lighten up and truly enjoy the moment. They had a Unity Candle ceremony, to signify their life together from this moment on, that had a couple small hiccups. After they each lit the outside candle, they lifted them to light the center candle, unifying them. Well the candle had other ideas, and no matter how they tried it wouldn’t light. Guests thought it was adorable, and after a moment, Matthew simply stuck one of lit candles on top of the center one. And done! United! It was a great moment and helped their wedding stand out as unique. By then it was just about over and they came back to grasp hands before that big kiss as husbands. Congratulations Matt and Matt! I’m so happy that you found me and that I was able to share in that moment with you. Best wishes always!

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