YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

On November 3rd I was lucky enough to take an incredibly beautiful and scenic drive to Salamanca NY, to the Seneca Allegany Casino for Michelle and Trey’s wedding. So much fall was happening outside my car windows! And when I arrived at my destination, so much love when happening inside. Michelle and Trey are an adorable couple, and I knew I like them from the moment I met them. They weren’t looking for an over the top wedding, just something that fit them and allowed them to happily be married. When I arrived I found them hiding out with each other and their wedding party. The whole group was very excited, and when I asked Michelle’s sister to sign a copy of the marriage license that they could take on their honeymoon, she immediately broke down and started crying. So yeah, you could say people were really happy for this moment.
As guests gathered inside, I headed up to the alter to watch everyone make their way down. Trey seemed a bit nervous by the time he reached me, but all that was quelled when Michelle made her way out. Sister/bridesmaid was SERIOUSLY crying by this point. They looked happy to see each other and slowly edged towards each other as the ceremony went on. They were all smiles and laughs and I was a little sad by the time they were kissing because I knew my time with them was over. But now their time together as husband and wife can begin! Congratulations Trey and Michelle. I’m so happy I was able to share in your day and I wish you nothing but happiness over your long life together!


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