YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 20th was a special wedding day because I got to marry Kaitlyn, when 4 years earlier I married her brother right around the same time! So I consider myself family now! But really, at the Brierwood Country Club, everything looked lovely as Andrew nervously waited with his groomsmen, and Kaitlyn hung out with her bridesmaids, helping her mom get ready. It was a rainy fall day, and guests were happy to gather in the warm space, talking about the upcoming event excitedly.
I was all about Andrew’s energy and nerves. Frankly, it was adorable. I could tell he was very much looking forward to the moment of marrying Kaitlyn, but maybe kind of dreading the whole, have people stare at your part. I reassured him they would mostly be looking at her, and that seemed to help him. Although nothing could help him when we headed up to the alter to watch Kaitlyn make her way to him. It’s hard to gauge how grooms will react. They are watching their friends come down and everything seems fun and fine. And then they see their future wife, and emotions go off the rails. Andrew immediately had tears in his eyes and I had to look away from him lest I start crying! Just so much love in one room. They made it through their vows and rings, while smiling and laughing and tearing up, and added wine and love letters to their unity box. Finally it was time for that amazing first kiss, and to get out of the lime light! Congratulations Andrew and Kaitlyn. I’m so happy to have shared another wedding with your beautiful family and I know you’ll have a long and happy life ahead of you. Best wishes!


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