YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

So after marrying Dana & Stephen in the afternoon on October 6th, I headed over to Niagara Falls to the Rapids Theatre for Lucas and Samantha’s musical themed evening wedding! They love musical theater so much that not only did they sing songs to each other on their first date, but they made sure their entire wedding felt like an exclusive performance. I’m just so happy I got tickets!
When I first arrived and found Lucas, he was LITERALLY grinning from ear to ear. He was so pumped. I don’t even think he was nervous. He just wanted to get married to Samantha and as quickly as possible. I was so impressed by their name tags for couples that looked like show tickets, their program that was a legit performance program, and how all the tables were named after musicals. Like I said, they went all out. Including being married on a stage. Also, before the ceremony began, there was an announcement to turn off all devices, where the exits where, and everything else that accompanies a stage performance. I really loved everything and it was so perfect for the two of them.
Finally Samantha made her way out onto the floor and up the stage steps to stand with her soon-to-be-husband. They were so happy to see each other they were practically glowing. They somehow made it through their incredibly touching vows, and then, instead of a sand ceremony, had a glass bead ceremony. It had the same concept of combining two different colors, but afterwards they send it to Unity in Glass to have the beads melted down and combined into a beautiful and unique bowl! After meeting back up under the alter, it was time for that big, passionate kiss as a newly married couple. Congratulations Lucas and Samantha! It was such a perfect day for the two of you, and I know you’ll have a full life of love and musical theatre in your future!



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