YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

The Rose Garden at Delaware Park is such a lovely place to get married. And even on October 6th, with fall settling in around us, there were still blooming flowers and some pesky bees to go along with them. Guests started slowly arriving for the intimate gathering, and Stephen was around to greet them. He seemed very excited and nervous, and I was greatly anticipating Dana’s arrival. A few days before had been cold and rainy, so I was overjoyed for them that this was such a gorgeous afternoon. After Stephen made his way up the stage, I saw Dana arrive with her bridesmaid’s, looking beautiful and overjoyed. Things were moving quickly then, and soon it was time for her to make her way to Stephen.
When they took hands and walked up the stage it was very moving. The look they gave each other was one of pure love. And nothing could distract them from this moment. Well…almost nothing.  A couple of bees decided it was their day too, and were flying around the couple, landing on their faces here and there and causing Dana to perform her own bee dance! You don’t forget you’re wedding day, but I’m sure they really won’t forget that moment. It was cute and funny, but didn’t stop them from kissing as they became husband and wife. Congratulations Stephen and Dana! I wish you a lifetime of happiness together and bee-less picnics for all your days.

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