YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I love small, intimate weddings, and that’s exactly what I got on August 2nd at The Mansion on Delaware. Megan and Matt knew they wanted to spend forever together, and felt that they only needed their closest people with them when they said their I do’s. It was a lovely day, and they had a space picked out outside, with a light breeze under an arbor, and I knew it was going to be a perfect moment. When I first checked in with Matt he was definitely nervous, but he was organized and down to business. I kept thinking, he will be much happier when this starts happening. The waiting around is truly the most difficult part! But not long after he was scooped away to have his first look with his bride. Those are such special moments and I’m always so jealous of the photographers then. Eventually I sneaked over and saw them still hugging and posing and got to see a little of the magic. I had to immediately tell Megan how beautiful she looked, and remind them that they might hear some sirens since they were outside on Delaware, but that those were SUPER lucky on your wedding day. I’m not sure if they bought it…
Eventually guests headed outside to take their seats, and I made my way out to where Matt was standing. As the music began, Megan came out on her dad’s arm and found her way to Matt. Her tears were pretty immediate and in those moments I remind myself I have to start carrying tissues! It was hard for Megan to get through her vows and you could truly feel the love all around them. But they did make it through and by the time they took hands they looked happy and confident that not only were they married, but they had made it through! And with some lucky sirens to boot! That’s why that kiss is always so happy. It’s of love and relief and a million other feelings! Congratulations Matt and Megan! You were obviously meant to find each other and I’m so happy this beautiful day happened for you. Best wishes always!

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