YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

August 3rd was a lovely day and a very chill evening. At the Hotel Lafayette, Alex and his brother were hanging out waiting for guests to show up, and seemed excited, but calm overall. Well, at least until about 5 minutes before when there was a lot more pacing and rapid questions. My favorite part! Otherwise things were looking great and when I found Kaylie she was happy and beautiful so I knew everything would go smoothly. If you’re chill, you can’t be upset about the little things. It’s a great way to be. They are Disney lovers, so of course there was a Disney theme happening. They are the kind of couple that so long as they can go to Disney whenever they need to, they won’t have any trouble in their future! When they finally met at the alter, they looked happy and relieved to be seeing each other. They smiled and laughed and possible found their nervousness, but all in all it was a lovely moment. By the time they kissed they looked like they couldn’t have waiting another moment. Congratulations Alex and Kaylie! You are clearly meant to be and I know you’ll have a happy, game filled life! Best wishes!

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