YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I hadn’t been to Evangola State Park in many years, so I was really excited on July 28th when I got to visit again for Jennifer and Kevin’s wedding. It’s a beautiful spot on the water and even though it was windy as all heck, it was still a perfect day. I found Kevin when I first arrived. He was setting up the space for the reception. He seemed nervous, but he was definitely all business. He knew he had things to do and he was making it happen. He’s a shy guy in general, so I knew standing in front of everyone, reading vows, wasn’t going to be the easiest for him, but I think he was willing to do anything for Jennifer. I watched him check in with guests, make sure I was ok, organize the wine/love letter ceremony they would do later on, talk to the dj, and more, all while never turning around to face the audience. I asked him why that was and he was so nervous of catching a glimpse of Jennifer before she started walking down the aisle that he wouldn’t risk it! It was adorable and I knew then just how lovely this ceremony would be. There was a small wood bridge that eventually became full with their wedding party as they had their way down to us by the water. Once Jennifer was on that bridge, Kevin looked up and found his future wife. It was a very touching moment and you could see the emotion on both of their faces. I gave Kevin the microphone for his vows and Jennifer’s eyes got huge and she was like, “I’m not using the mic! My vows are just for him!” and Kevin agreed, handing it back to me as they made their promises privately. I mean with that wind, no one was eavesdropping! They added their love letter to the wine box and soon enough, they were kissing as man and wife. Congratulations Kevin & Jennifer! You’re such a fun and supportive couple and I know you’ll always be there for each other. Much love always.



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