YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

July 1st might have been the equivalent to living inside a dryer. It was HOT. Guests seemed a little nervous about heading outdoors, but when I found Jenni and Bob, they didn’t seem to mind. I mean, it’s a small price to pay, being hot for 20 minutes, to then be married to your love. Although I did tell them I would talk quickly, just so they wouldn’t melt away. Everything looked lovely at Fox Valley Country Club, and if you could get past the sun, the view outside was beautiful. Bob and I stood outside, watching the wedding party walk up and eventually Jenni into his arms. In these beautiful moments, you stop noticing your surrounding and just notice the two people before you, who are smiling and happy and about to take a big, spectacular step! They made it through their rings and vows, and I could tell that they were hot and ready to share in that big kiss and then get indoors to begin their life as husband and wife. Congratulations Bob & Jenni! You’re a perfect couple and I know you’ll have a full and happy life ahead of you. Best wishes always.

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