YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

There is nothing I love more than a weekday wedding! So on Wednesday July 11th, I was so happy to head to Knox Farms to help Lindsay and Scott with their private elopement. Lindsay and Scott are such a beautiful couple, and this moment seemed perfect for them. Although they have a lot of friends and family, they knew that this special moment was meant to be with just the two of them. We met under an AMAZING tree that they were both familiar with, and I was able to watch them focus only on each other and share their vows with laughs, some tears, some pesky bug removal, and all the other joys that come with marrying your best friend. Their kiss was graceful and lovely and I was thrilled to pronounce them husband and wife! And then I was even happier to get them into that tree for a photo shoot! Congratulations Scott and Lindsay. This moment was meant for the two of you, and I hope your friends were just as happy the next day at kick ball when you broke the news! Much love always!

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