YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Ok June 30th wasn’t messing around. It was the beginning of everyone you know complaining about the heat. The sun was in full effect at Templeton Landing, and although it was on the water and just stunning to look at, you might have wanted to hide under a giant sun umbrella. Although when I met up with Nikki and Ryan, they didn’t seem fussed. They were hanging out with their party, having their own pre-party…drinks and wings included. They seemed excited to get married, but not really nervous. Just enjoying every moment as much as they could. They also made sure to stay in that air-conditioned room until the last moment. Smart cookies. Eventually we lined up to walk outside, and although it was hot, it was just so lovely with guests gathered that it didn’t matter. I waited with Ryan who took a bit of encouragement to take off his sunglasses. I guess he doesn’t love looking directly into the sun like he was (weird), but he didn’t seem to notice as much when Nikki came out. They are a fun and silly couple, so I definitely had to tease them a bit during the ceremony, which was all in good fun. They laughed and smiled at each other, and while Nikki had tears in her eyes, I could tell Ryan kept looking away so that the same wouldn’t happen to him. Finally the moment was here and they kissed as everyone broke out in applause! Congratulations Ryan and Nikki! You’ve been on this path for a long time now, and there will be so many more happy years in your future. Take care always!


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