YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

June 23rd was a beautiful day, but I sure didn’t mind being inside the gorgeous, (and air conditioned) Statler City. I was especially happy to see Jordan and Stephen again. They are such a beautiful couple, so I knew their wedding would be no exception! When I first arrived I found them hanging out together in a back room. They looked so happy and comfortable, honestly not nervous at all. But I’ve seen that before! Since couples are used to seeing each other everyday, there comes a point where they are comfortable and it starts to feel like just another day where you’re wearing fancy clothes. Well let me tell you, that changes in the big moment. And I watched it happen here. Steve and I headed out to the alter with his groomsmen, and while he was laughing and joking with them, his demeanor started to change. He began to show those nerves, and when Jordan stepped out, even though he had been with her for hours, had seen how she looked in her dress, he looked as though he was seeing her for the first time. I think a lot of guests turn around and watch the bride walk up the aisle, but I would also recommend turning back around to look at the groom. You can see a lot in their expression. Steve seemed happy when Jordan finally made it up to him, and it was easy to go through the ceremony with them, knowing I could tease them about Jordan thinking Steve was a loudmouth when she first met him, but we all know he was just trying to get her attention. You could tell that their friendship was so very important to them, and as I looked up to see guests beaming back at them, I knew this was a special and meant to be moment. Time flies by when I’m up there, so soon enough they were in each others arms as the new Mr. & Mrs.! Congratulations Steve and Jordan! You’re an amazing couple and I know there are many smiles and adventures in your future. Best wishes!

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