YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

June 22nd was threatening rain all day, but when you’re as meant to be (and lucky) as Rachael and Matt, you don’t have to sweat it. I found them at Holiday Valley, surrounded by beautiful green hills as well as their own smiles. They didn’t seem at all worried that it might rain. With a bag of umbrellas on hand, they just looked ready for the moment to begin. They were hanging out together, but soon Matt headed outside to greet guests and wait for the moment to begin. They had such a beautiful backdrop and I was really excited for them to finally stand at that alter. I hung out with the groomsmen for a bit, explaining suit coat button rules, and mentioning how many time I’ve had to listen to Bruno Mars “I think I wanna marry you,” until it was time to take our places. Matt started to look a little nervous as the music began and bridesmaids started making their entrance. And his face was one of pure elation when Rachael rounded the corner. She looked stunning as her parents walked her down and they seemed so happy when they could be hand in hand. It was so easy to create a ceremony for them, especially since I got to tease them for being math nerds, and they laughed and looked as relaxed as could be. They made it through their vows and exchanged rings, and started to get giddy as they could tell I was wrapping up the ceremony. They went in for that kiss and it was another perfect moment! Not to mention, while the tiniest, tiniest drops of rain came down occasionally, the second the wedding was over and we stepped inside, downpour! They missed it bu 5 seconds. How’s that for wedding luck?! Congratulations Matt and Rachael. Only the two of you could fall in love over Calculus, so there’s not doubt you’re meant to be. Much love always!


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