YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

May 26th was a gorgeous day. It felt like summer had arrived and everything was blue skies and green life all over the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church for Taylor and Zac’s wedding! Taylor and Zac are an adorable couple, so I was not only excited to perform my second wedding of the day, but for such a perfect couple. When I first arrived at the church, I found Zac sitting all alone in a back office. His groomsmen were seating people, so there he was, alone with his thoughts. He definitely looked a little nervous, but that’s what happens when it’s just you and your brain! We chatted for a minute and then I went to find the lovely Taylor, hiding out downstairs with her party. And it was more like a party down there. Talking and laughing and hugging as everyone prepped for the big moment. I kinda felt bad for Zac, but soon enough his groomsmen joined him and it was time to tease him and wish him well. One the string quartet started, we made our way to the alter and waited for Taylor to make her entrance. And what an entrance it was! It’s a long walk to the front of the church so I got to really take in the beauty of her dress, and the expression of love on Zac’s face. I could tell when they were finally hand it hand how excited and nervous they were. After their vows and exchanging of rings, they had a Wine & Love letter box ceremony, where they added letters they had written to each other to be opened on their first anniversary. They also let their friends and family know that there was another box at the reception, where they could seal up their own words of love that the couple could read together a year from now. Truly an amazing idea. After that everything speeds by and before you know it, it’s time to kiss as husband and wife! Congratulations Zac and Taylor! You’re a beautiful couple and I was happy to share in your beautiful day. Much love!


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