YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

May 26 at Lasalle park proved you don’t need a big wedding for it to be a completely lovely event. On a perfect spring morning, I met Ginny and Mike at the park as they got ready to marry one another in front of their close family and friends. I was extra excited about this wedding because Mike’s son, William had started calling me the Wedding Fishy instead of the wedding officiant, and I was all about it.
When I first saw the happy couple, they gave me a box of chocolates, so needless to say, they are on my good list. They were very calm and collected, and were just looking for the perfect spot near the water to share their vows. Once we started their were some early tears for Ginny, but as a bicyclist (aka dumb guy) used the bike bath we were standing on to ride past, about a foot from the couple, we were all laughs and everything seemed less serious and more natural. Their vows were very heart felt, Ginny having memorized what she wanted to say which is no small feat! They held hands and looked at each other with love, and every time I looked up, I could see their guests beaming at them. It was the epitome of simple is beautiful and I couldn’t have loved it more. Congratulations Mike and Ginny! I’m so happy that a love of trivia drove you together and I know you’ll be happier and fuller people from this moment on. Best wishes!

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