YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I found myself on June 2nd at Pearl Street, gearing up for Marcus and Evelyn’s wedding. It was a lovely day, and inside I found guests slowly coming together. What I didn’t find was the happy couple! After waiting around for a bit, I hunted them down in their hotel room, and Marcus told me there was a never a chance they were going to be on time. It’s good to know yourself! Evelyn was still getting ready and Marcus sure wasn’t about to rush that! The space looked lovely, with a perfect amount of sunshine streaming in, and I knew it would be worth waiting for. Marcus eventually came over with his son and friends and soon the bridesmaids arrived hiding Evelyn and her daughters. Everyone looked happy and eager to begin, so before long Marcus and Evelyn made their way to the alter to smile, laugh, cry, whisper, complain that one-person-wrote-vows-even-though-they-said-they-weren’t, light a candle, and eventually, kiss. It was a beautiful moment, especially the very moving vows. Marcus had written down some words, which made Evelyn scold him since she was just going off the top of her head. There were a couple false starts as Evelyn was crying to much to talk, but eventually they were able to say all they wanted to each other. After that, things flew by until that big kiss! Congratulations Marcus and Evelyn!!! You always knew you were perfect for each other, and now you get to spend the rest of your lives together with your new family. Best wishes always!

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