YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

April 21st was an amazing day. Not only was it sunny outside, but inside the Niawanda Park Pavilion, there was a serious party going on. I can honestly say that this was my first pre-wedding ceremony that was playing the loudest, club-like music I’ve ever heard. Now THAT, is how you start a party! And it fit the style of Frances and Adam, who were super excited to start their married life together. The space also looked completely unique, and from this day on I recognize that all couples deserve a throne to sit on after they are married! 😉
After watching guests laugh and catch up, I found Adam who seemed a little nervous about everything. He had the kids there with him and Frances was running a little bit late…not unusual for a bride, but I could see Adam checking the door and answering all last minute questions people had. Finally the moment arrived and there was Frances, already looking beautiful even though she wasn’t in her dress yet. Her friends and family gathered around her to hug her and help her get into her gown. Soon enough, everyone was lining up, including the cutest ring bearer and flower girl you ever did see. As Frances made her way out to Adam, she looked shy and nervous, and he just looked so happy to be standing there with her. They shared their very beautiful vows with each other, and there was even some joyful calls from the audience who couldn’t contain their happiness. Finally, it was time for the kiss which happened swiftly and deeply. And I was lucky enough to see my first dance because they immediately went into that, which was incredibly touching and beautiful. Congratulations Adam and Frances! You’re such a wonderful couple and family and I know there will be nothing but happiness in your future!

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