YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

As we all know, Spring has been quite fickle this year. But on April 14th, no one inside the Tonawanda Castle seemed to care at all. They were there for Jaci and Steve, who after more than a decade together, were finally tying that knot! When I got there and found them, I found two totally relaxed and happy people. No nerves here! This was less difficult for them than talking in high school gym class all those years ago. People were very high energy! The wedding party was cracking jokes and laughing, and there were a couple very smiley moms. I had to keep focused after I saw all the donuts that were available and remind myself, I was there for the ceremony and not the desserts (it’s often a challenge for me).
Everyone lined up and we began to make our way in. Steve and Jaci are so well matched, and his face truly lit up when she walked in the room, even though he had just been with her in the next room over. They perhaps seems a little nervous when they were finally standing face to face, but they ended up laughing and cracking jokes at each other, and I could see the nerves melt away and it was just the two of them again. I could hear some audible mom crying and knew that they were so happy for this moment to finally happen. Then, that beautiful kiss happened and they were husband and wife! Congratulations Steve and Jaci! I’m so happy I met the two of you and was able to share in this wonderful day. Best wishes to you always!



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