YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

As I’ve said, WAY too many times this year, it’s been a rough spring. Chilly and rainy, but nothing takes the sting out of that like a beautiful wedding, and that’s just what I got on April 28th with Alicia & Patrick at Karpeles Manuscript Museum. When I first arrived, guests were milling about, and I could see the groomsmen all hanging together, but it took me awhile to find Patrick. He was way in the back hiding out, and I felt kinda bad that they stuck him back there all by himself for so long. That’s just too much time alone with your thoughts right before this big moment. Too much opportunity to get nervous. I know that Patrick was so happy for this moment, so when I found him he seemed to be handling things pretty well. But then again, he hadn’t seen Alicia yet…
Guests took their time finding their seats. I love the manuscript museum because it’s beautiful and has such amazing sound, but I’m always a little sad doing ceremonies where the reception isn’t because I don’t get to see any of the amazing decorations or the cake. I think the cake is one of my favorite parts! But I made do until Alicia arrived, looking stunning and excited as she gathered with her bridesmaids in the great lobby. I made my way down to the front and picked up Patrick who at this point, was all emotion. I mean all of it. I think the moment his toes hit that alter, tears were welling up in his eyes. Then as parents walked down and their little baby son, there were some tears streaming down. But the moment he saw Alicia, we’re talking fully crying. I’m only human so it’s hard for me to watch and not get emotional! It’s just so beautiful!
Alicia made her way down and they were finally together, only distracted by their adorable son running around after grandma lost control. He was cute and I think helped them come back to the moment and be fully present. They said their vows and exchanged rings and looked so happy to wrap each other up in their arms for their first big kiss. Congratulations Patrick and Alicia! It was a beautiful moment for two beautiful humans and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. Much love always!

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