YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

February 17th is special every year because it’s my husband’s birthday, but this year had an extra exciting spin because it was Lauren and Justin’s wedding day! They are an amazing and patient people who dealt with me having an 8 day flu the week of their wedding, that really only ended the day before. I was a bit nervous and was sucking on two cough drops at Karpeles Manuscript Museum, hoping for a hack free moment for them. Of course, when I saw Justin he immediately asked how I was. Who cares about me, it’s your wedding day! What a guy. He seemed very excited as he waited for Lauren to arrive. Everything was lovely inside the Museum, and guests were excited as they began to gather. Finally it was time for Justin and I to head down to the alter because Lauren had arrived. And of course when I quickly checked with her, before I could tell her how beautiful she looked (which was a lot), she was asking me how I was feeling. Really, sweetest couple. Lauren made her way down to Justin and they seemed to get hit by nerves. Kept a little distance between them until the end when they grabbed hands. When it was vows time, and I almost lost it. Justin immediately began chocking up and it’s a very tender moment. Lauren made it through her vows, and after they added love letters to their wine box, it was time to kiss for the first time as husband and wife! Congratulations Justin and Lauren! You’re such a beautiful couple and I’m excited for the life you’ll have together starting now. Best wishes!


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