YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Thank you so much Lauren & Justin for the most beautiful review. I’m a very lucky person to meet such humans.

Michelle was an absolutely AMAZING officiant for our wedding. My husband and I planned our wedding from almost two hours away, so it was a little bit scary trying to plan everything from a distance…one thing that we had absolutely no anxiety about was the ability of Michelle to do a beautiful, non-religious wedding ceremony for us. One compliment that we have received over and over about our wedding was how wonderful Michelle was. She is extremely well-spoken, professional, and was able to hold the attention of our guests. Many guests asked us if Michelle was a personal friend of ours–she spoke about us as if she had known us for years! Everything that we could possibly need to customize our wedding ceremony was handled by Michelle–she had samples of reading/vows for everything–the ring ceremony, marital vows, and the wine box ceremony. We chose to write our own vows, so it was helpful to have those sample vows to go from. We weren’t able to meet with her in person because of weather (have to love Buffalo in the winter!), but she we had a Skype conference with her where she asked us questions about our relationship so that she could personalize our wedding ceremony. I would recommend Michelle for anyone’s wedding with absolutely no hesitation! She is extremely responsive, personable, and her services came at a reasonable price!


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