YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

January 21st was what you’d call, a lucky winter day. It was chilly, but not the kind where your face hurts when you’re outside. So Sabrina and Jared were already ahead of the game when they got to the Rapid’s Theater in Niagara Falls to get ready for their big day. When I checked in with Sabrina, she had a dress over her head and bridesmaids all around here making things perfect, so I thought I’d go hang out with the guys for a bit and give her time! The Rapid’s Theater is a music venue, so behind the stage is a greenroom where the guys were, from the smell of it, enjoying some cold beverages. Jared definitely seemed nervous, but a very cute nervous. He just wasn’t sure what to expect from the day, and I love seeing grooms like that. I eventually saw Sabrina, and she looked amazing as she was now all ready to get hitched! I headed up to the stage with Jared and then the real fun started. All of a sudden the Game of Thrones music started bellowing and out came the groomsmen. I laughed thinking, now this is a couple that is very compatible. Then, as the bridesmaids started walking, the hobbits theme from Lord of the Rings started! Ok, not compatible, a perfect couple! And also, I love them even more now, because I know we are on the same nerd level.
As Sabrina made her way up the steps to the top of the stage, they both looked pretty nervous, but some jokes calmed them down and by the end, I could tell the nerves had past and they were just plain happy. Especially when it was time to kiss! Congratulations Jared and Sabrina. You two were made for each other and for a lifetime of playing board games together. Best wishes always!


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