YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I liked Laura and Greg from the second I met them. Easy going and full of love. And when their wedding day arrived on October 28th, cold and rainy, I knew that wouldn’t matter at all. Because these two people are going to be so happy no matter what, because it’s the day they are getting married! We could all learn a thing or two from them. The Freedom Run Winery is a really beautiful place, an old barn for the ceremony contrasts the beautiful wine-filled reception space. I checked in with the couple when I arrived. Of course Greg was still getting ready since guys can wait til the last minute, and Laura was upstairs with her daughter looking beautiful. And since their pet bird Alex was there, all was right with the world.
I waited in the barn for things to start, and soon enough a nervous looking Greg came in, eager for the moment to start. There was live music in the barn which sounded wonderful, and they started a new song when Laura eventually made her way in. They seemed so happy to see each other and clasped hands when they were side by side. That wonderful live music still sounded good, but fade out wasn’t in the cards, so the couple had a slight awkward moment as they had to stand looking at each other for a few minutes while the song finished up. It’s a lot when you know the whole room is staring at you! But finally it was time for their vows and smiles and a kiss that you could tell was long overdue. Congratulations Greg and Laura! Truly you are a remarkable couple and I’m so happy that you found each other. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and adventures with Alex the bird!


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